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Hike Metal Works • 1988 • 32m







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€45,200/ semana

O luxuoso super iate CUAN LAW oferece acomodações para 20 pessoas em 10 cabines consistindo de um mestre localizado no deck com uma cama queen size e banheiro com chuveiro e lavatório. Outras acomodações também estão disponíveis em outras 9 cabines.

A CUAN LAW também acomoda até 7 tripulantes a bordo para garantir que você tenha uma experiência tranquila e luxuosa e todas as suas necessidades sejam atendidas enquanto estiver a bordo.

As especificações a bordo da belamente construída 105 pés/32 m Hike Metal Works lançada em 1988 incluem ar condicionado completo, bem como uma extensa lista de comodidades e brinquedos.

Enquanto fretamento no Caribe o super iate de luxo CUAN LAW e sua tripulação de 7 terá certeza de satisfazer todas as suas necessidades e garantir que você aproveite sua experiência.




Chuveiro no deck


Máquina de gelo

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Dessalinizador de água



Scott Ferris


Captain Scott over many years has done everything and every job on the Cuan Law except Chef. We owe him a huge dept of gratitude as he has been the foundation stone of the crew. He has trained up dozens of our crew over the years. Scott started off as steward on board and then, after getting his Divemaster rating, he led many dives in addition to his work as steward. Scott still loves to dive and will certainly do some dives with you whilst on board. He then moved on to Engineer as he had always had a great interest in, and aptitude for, the ship's machinery and equipment. He has fixed numerous problems, installed much new equipment and machinery and done many upgrades. He still likes to mess around below decks playing with machines! After a few years as Engineer and then First Mate, we promoted him to Captain and added the job later of Captain Trainer. Scott has done many, many charters as Captain, has as much knowledge as Owner Duncan, and really understands "The Cuan Law Way". He has a great sense of humor and is very fun-loving, and he runs a well organized and motivated team. A few years ago he married our then Chef, Kellie, whom many of our past guests will remember and future guests will get to meet as she is now back on board. Scott’s sister, Kim, is our Operations Manager.

Ariel was born and raised on Tortola and moved to Thailand at the age of 12. Ariel joined us on board the Cuan Law shortly after he returned to the BVI’s in 2017 as steward and is currently very excited as he has decided to embark on training to become our engineer. Already - in just his first year year spent with us on the Cuan Law - Ariel has become a Certified diver and is working on getting his Dive Master. He’s also gained experience with cooking which occasionally helps remind him of his years in Thailand as he still spends some of his time in the galley. In his free time he enjoys skateboarding, surfing and being out on the water with friends. With his deep love for music he also owns a guitar that, unsurprisingly he doesn’t have time to play!

Reka Lukacs is a Hungarian girl from Transylvania, Romania who joined the Cuan Law early in 2018. She began her travels as an au pair in England where she learned English and ever since she got comfortable speaking it she just can’t stop traveling! She lived in Mexico where she was mesmerized by the beauty and magic of the underwater world so she became a diver. After that she continued her journey to Thailand where she spent a lot of time guiding the shark watch trips and got passionate about underwater photography. She got to experience a bit of Australia as well before riding the waves on a rigid inflatable boat to the dive sites of Mozambique. She already enjoys the shore hike/walks around the smaller islands of the BVI and exploring the big rocks at The Baths on Virgin Gorda. She is a fun loving, talkative girl who is all smiles and laughs and ready for games at any time :)

Capt. Scott is joined by several other crew members: Chef: Patrick Wilson USA Divers: Sabina Ibarra Bolanos: USA Stewies: Abbie Martin & Joe Diaz Jackson: USA and Honduras


  • Nome do iate


  • Comprimento

    32m / 105ft

  • Feixe

    13.4m / 44'0

  • Projecto

    1.5m / 4'11

  • Velocidade (cruzeiro)

    18kph / 9.7kn

  • Velocidade (máx)

    22kph / 11.9kn

  • Consumo de combustível (cruzeiro)

    56lph / 14.8gph

  • Consumo de combustível (máx.)

    90lph / 23.8gph

  • Gama (cruzeiro)

    5556km / {{valor}}nm

  • Intervalo (máx)

    4444km / {{valor}}nm

  • Motor


  • Casco


  • Bandeira

    Ilhas Virgens Britânicas

  • Lançado


  • Construtor

    Hike Metal Works

  • Designer

    Duncan Muirhead