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CMN Yachts • 2004 • 32m







Iate privado


O luxuoso super iate ATTIMO é um iate privado e não podemos confirmar a sua disponibilidade para fretar.

ATTIMO anteriormente oferecia alojamento para 11 pessoas em 4 cabines, composto por um master com uma cama king-size e casa de banho com chuveiro.

Outras acomodações também estavam disponíveis em outras 3 cabines. As especificações a bordo do maravilhosamente construído 105 pés/32 m ATTIMO lançado em 2004 incluem ar condicionado completo, bem como uma extensa lista de comodidades e brinquedos.


Equipamento de pesca - luz



Bertrand Prieur


CAPTAIN: Bertrand PRIEUR French STCW95, Bertrand is an experimented and passionate captain, which has been sailing around the world for 3 years. Before joining ATTIMO he spent the last 8 years as charter captain onboard sailing yachts DJANGO TOO, operating very successfully on charter mainly in the Eastern Med. Since 2005 he is now Captain on ATTIMO, which would be a pleasure for him to share his passion of sailing with the guests. His experience in the matter is unequalled, his sailing carrier’s records is excellent; He knows the Mediterranean Sea and all his idyllic mooring better than anyone else.

Jean Baptiste KLING French Languages : French, English, Jean-Baptiste is a very friendly and efficient young mate/engineer, he learned to sail around the Anglo-Norman Islands where he also practiced for many years’ sport sailing and competition. He has also trained and initiated young teenagers in sailing many years. Jean-Baptiste spent about 5 years sailing around the Caribbean on a 40m S/Y before joining the ATTIMO crew four years ago. He is always ready to give you a lot of fun.

STEWARDESS: Clara SOMON French Languages: French, English, I am specialized in wellness tourism, hospitality industry, sustainable development and events sector and I work since my 15 years old in sailing association in Cannes. I am a versatile person and I carry out my assignments with conviction, enthusiasm and professionalism. My high-level sporting career in synchronized swimming shows my dedication, commitment, and ability to set new challenges for myself. Stewardess for the first time this year in sailing boat, I am really pleased to welcome you on board.

CHEF: Céline BROCHARD French Languages: French, English, basic German With several years of experience in the hotel and catering luxury my motivation and team spirit allow me to quickly adapt to all situations. I’m constantly listening to the requests of my clients to always surprise and satisfy them. My cuisine is a blend of tradition and modernity with a hint of Mediterranean and Asian savory.

DECK-HAND: Joan FRANZELLA French Joan is from the South of France. He is an athletic and dynamic person. For the past four years he has been working as a plumber. He is passionate for the sea and very enthusiastic to learn this field of work and plans on giving his best.


  • Nome do iate


  • Comprimento

    32m / 105ft

  • Feixe

    7.2m / 23'7

  • Projecto

    3.5m / 11'6

  • Velocidade (cruzeiro)

    16.6kph / 9kn

  • Velocidade (máx)

    24kph / 13kn

  • Motor

    Cummins 350cv Turbo Diesel

  • Casco


  • Bandeira


  • Lançado


  • Construtor

    CMN Yachts

  • Designer

    Nauta Yachts

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