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Ferretti • 2012 • 25.3m







Iate privado


O luxuoso super iate CRYSTAL PARROT é um iate privado e não podemos confirmar sua disponibilidade para fretar.

CRYSTAL PARROT anteriormente oferecia alojamento para 8 pessoas em 4 cabines consistindo de um master com uma cama king size e casa de banho com chuveiro e lavatório, um VIP com uma cama queen size e casa de banho com chuveiro e lavatório.

Outras acomodações também estavam disponíveis em outras 2 cabines. As especificações a bordo do lindamente construído 83 pés/25,3 m CRYSTAL PARROT lançado em 2012 incluem ar condicionado completo, bem como uma extensa lista de comodidades e brinquedos.




Chuveiro no deck

Equipamento de pesca - luz

Máquina de gelo

Jacuzzi no convés

Almofadas externas

Dessalinizador de água


Roger Sardina


Roger has been boating since he was a small boy, barely able to see over the wheel of his father’s Chris Craft launch, although he could expertly hold her steady. His passion for the ocean went from sports to science when he pursued a degree in Biology with an Aquaculture Major at Oregon State University. He went on to work for the state of Oregon doing bioassays of marine estuaries and offshore kelp beds, including 13 years of mollusk culture on the Pacific shore in Winchester Bay, Oregon. Roger enjoyed his research in the depths and estuaries of the Pacific Ocean, but today his favorite destinations are the U.S. Eastern Shore and the Bahamas. He says, “the people are very relaxed and the Bahamian waters are so clear.” Roger is an avid diver with a rescue diver rating. He happily shares his favorite reefs and wrecks with fellow dive enthusiasts, and knows the best snorkel spots as well. Roger made the choice to pursue a career as a yacht captain because he loves to be out on the water and he enjoys sharing his passion with others. Whatever activities guests prefer; Roger has the expertise to guide them. He says, “I am most happy when I have shown my guests a good time and I can see that they are enjoying themselves.”

Gabriele Schneider

Gabriele was born and raised in Switzerland. Complimenting her expertise in the hospitality industry, she speaks fluent German, English and French, which allows her to easily communicate with guests of most nations. No matter where their home port, Gabriele makes everyone feel right at home while on board Crystal Parrot. Gabriele has worked as Chief Stew, Stew, and Cook on many storied vessels, both private and charter. She has worked for many years in an industry she loves, and has logged so many hours at sea that she could pinch hit for most officers. She has a keen eye for detail and is an expert at anticipating the needs of her guests. Whether you need help removing that coffee stain, or fitting on your fins, or making reservations in French, you can rely on Gabriele.


  • Nome do iate


  • Nome anterior

    CLUB M

  • Comprimento

    25.3m / 83ft

  • Feixe

    6.4m / 21'0

  • Projecto

    1.9m / 6'3

  • Velocidade (cruzeiro)

    55.6kph / 30kn

  • Velocidade (máx)

    61.1kph / 33kn

  • Motor

    2x MTU 12V2000M94

  • Casco


  • Bandeira

    Estados Unidos

  • Lançado


  • Construtor


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