Премиум листинг


Премиум листинг

2021 Mangusta  141футов / 43м


220 000 $/ неделя

HALARA Яхта Хартия

HALARA, зарегистрированная в настоящее время на Каймановых островах, активно доступна для чартера.

Роскошная моторная яхта HALARA была построена компанией Mangusta и передана своему владельцу в 2021 году.

Внешний вид HALARA разработан дизайнером яхт Альберто Манчини.

Модель HALARA длиной 141 фут/43 м имеет стальной корпус и оснащена двумя дизельными 12-цилиндровыми двигателями MTU (12V 2000 M72) мощностью 1468 л.с. с крейсерской скоростью 11 узлов и максимальной скоростью 15 узлов.

Чартерный гостевой дом

HALARA спроектирован таким образом, чтобы с комфортом разместить до 10 чартерных гостей в 5 люксах.

Гостевые каюты включают в себя основной люкс с двуспальной кроватью и собственной ванной комнатой, расположенный на главной палубе, VIP-люкс с двуспальной кроватью и собственной ванной комнатой, каюту с двуспальной кроватью и собственной ванной комнатой, каюту с двуспальной кроватью и ванной комнатой, каюту с двуспальной кроватью и собственной ванной комнатой.

Ваш роскошный чартерный экипаж

Ваш роскошный чартер на борту моторной яхты HALARA будет управляться экипажем из 9 человек, включая капитана.

Экипаж обеспечит вам спокойный и приятный чартерный отдых с учетом всех ваших потребностей во время пребывания на борту.

У девяти членов экипажа есть отдельные помещения для экипажа, что позволяет гостям наслаждаться повышенным уровнем приватности.

Удобства и развлечения

Удобства на борту для чартерных гостей включают кондиционер, пляжный клуб, легкие рыболовные снасти, джакузи на палубе, наружную аудиосистему, стабилизаторы на якоре, шезлонги, платформу для плавания, бассейн, телевизор во всех каютах, телевизор на открытом воздухе и Wi-Fi.

В разделе «Возможности и удобства» можно ознакомиться с обширным перечнем дополнительных удобств и водных игрушек.

Чартер яхт

В настоящее время HALARA путешествует по Карибскому морю.

Образцы маршрутов для круизных направлений могут быть предоставлены вашим профессиональным чартерным брокером, что позволит вам детально спланировать свой роскошный чартерный отдых.



  • Кондиционер
  • Пляжный клуб
  • Легкие рыболовные снасти
  • Джакузи на палубе
  • Открытая аудиосистема
  • У якоря стабилизаторов
  • Солнечные прокладки
  • Шезлонги
  • Платформа для купания
  • Плавательный бассейн
  • ТВ во всех каютах
  • ТВ на открытом воздухе
  • Wi-Fi

Водные игрушки

  • Надувные водные игрушки
  • Ниборд
  • Паддлборды
  • Вейкборд
  • Водные лыжи - взрослый
  • Waverunners (сядь)


  • Снаряжение для сноркелинга
  • Подводные скутеры


  • 1x 38' Wajer Chase Boat
  • 1x 16' Castoldi Tender



Jd Barrier

Jd Barrier

Jean-Damien aka ‘’JD’’ was born in Bordeaux, France in 1983. After many years sailing dinghies in
Corsica he logically ended up working on various sailing yacht going around the world or racing in the
Mediterranean. He then decided to continue his career on some private motor yachts such as C Star, Lady
Christina or Ice Angel before spending more than 5 and half years on Lady Britt on the best charter
yacht around and learn from the top charter Captains. Captain JD holds a MCA Master 3000gt certificate
from the Isle of Wight in the UK where he studied on and off for 10 years. He was the first cadet to obtain
that qualification in 2015. He is an avid but noisy tennis player (he likes to raise a racquet!) and used to
work as umpire in the French Tennis Open Roland Garros where he was a line umpire for the
Ladies final in 2005. He loves skiing, sailing and a nice glass of red wine from Bordeaux or course.

Rory Guy

Rory is from a cluster of small British islands called the Isles of Scilly. After moving to Cornwall, where he
studied sports science at University, Rory continued this path and began personal training in the city of
Bristol. After his time in the UK, Rory decided to take the plunge and enter the world of yachting. He now
has 7 years’ experience working worldwide onboard charter and private yachts. Rory has strong passions
for all sports especially golf to which he played at regional and national level within the UK! Although
the Safety Officer onboard, Rory is still fun and approachable so please don’t be afraid to ask him any
questions you may have, and he may even teach you some
moves in the gym if you’re lucky!

Marcel Orban

Marcel was born in Constanta, Romania, located on the west coast of the Black Sea. After studying
Maritime at the University of Constanta he gained his Class I ticket in engineering and has been serving as
an engineer on board commercial vessels and yachts since 2007. Marcel is dad to three wonderful children
and one French Bulldog! If he finds some free time, Marcel enjoys off-road racing, fishing and playing
backgammon. Perhaps he can challenge you to a game onboard!

Adrian Puscasu

Adrain was born in Constanta, Romania. He studied Marine Engineering at university for 5 years,
gaining his Y2 ticket. He spent 5 years on commercial shipping vessels before joining yachting
in 2015. Adrian is now married with two young children, and when he’s not onboard he likes to spend time
with his family in the mountains, or in Danube where he can teach his boys to fish. If you have any interest
in fishing whilst onboard, Adrian would be happy to help!

Beata Nemeth

Beata, or Betti, as she likes to be known, grew up in Budapest, Hungary where she completed her culinary
training. Her love of cooking stems from her father, who taught her the traditions of Hungarian cuisine,
including those over an open wood fire as a child.
Betti’s passions are to travel, cook and learn new techniques and spent 9 years in Bristol, UK, where
she developed her skills in sushi, pizza and Asian Fusion cuisine, before heading to a culinary school
in Bangkok to learn Thai cuisine. What Betti loves more than anything though, is to bake bread, and
travels everywhere with her 22 years old starter dough. Betti has been working on yachts since 2017 as it
combines her love of travelling and cooking

Izzy Anderson-Radmore

Izzy is from the UK and has always had a passion for travelling. Beginning her hospitality career
at just 16 at one of Heston Blumenthal’s restaurants, she was trained in service to a very
high standard. After travelling to Australia, NZ, South-East Asia, and completing a ski season, yachting
seemed the best way to continue travelling the world whilst being able to work.
In her spare time, Izzy loves to keep fit with long walks or hikes, loves travelling with her
husband, spending time at home with family or just relaxing on the beach with an Aperol spritz
wherever she may find herself!

Millie Morgan

Millie was born in Portsmouth, England before moving to Thailand when she was just 10 years
old. After finishing secondary school, she decided to move back to the UK where she began her
hospitality career working in hotels. With a desire to explore the world, she decided to join the
yachting industry so she could continue her career in hospitality, landing her first stewardess
position in 2019. Outside of work, Millie enjoys diving and participating in watersport activities, going on
adventures and meeting new people!

Danielle Bevan

Danielle grew up in a small town in Southern England where she studied performance and
music. She had a lust for adventure since a young age and enjoyed camping with friends.
She is outgoing and loves yoga (which she is also qualified in!), scuba diving, festivals, and animals.
Her passion for adventure led her to working on a variety of different fishing and catamaran boats
for locals on islands throughout her backpacking travels, this then sparked her idea for a career in
yachting as a stewardess. Danielle is always positive, curious to learn new things and always happy to help.

Brandon Carter

Brandon is from Leeds and spent his early yachting career sailing around the UK on sailing vessels
between 10-25M. After skippering several classic sailing yachts and doing a crossing from Nova Scotia
to Liverpool, in 2022 Brandon looked for a new challenge and decided to join superyachts. When he’s
not out exploring the local area Brandon is either watching or talking about football! He is a friendly face
to have around and always keen to jump in the water to assist you.

Nic Van Rhyn

Nic is a farm boy from a small coastal town called Hermanus, about two hours from Cape Town. Nic started
his yachting career over in Italy on 2022, and enjoys the calm Mediterranean atmosphere while learn the
tricks of the trade. When he’s not busy with an array of water sports like surfing, skiing, or wake boarding,
Nic like to spend time in nature; hiking, cycling, or simply enjoying a meal with a view. He prides himself in
being helpful wherever he can & always doing it with a smile of course!


Часто задаваемые вопросы

Сколько арендовать HALARA?

HALARA имеет недельную чартерную цену, начинающуюся с 220 000 $ и предполагаемая ежедневная чартерная цена 36 700 $.

HALARA может вместить 10 спящие гости на борту в 5 каюты, с возможностью круиза до 12 гости.

Legal Disclaimer

Моторная яхта HALARA is displayed on this page for informational purposes and may not necessarily be available for charter. The yacht details are displayed in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed, please check with your charter broker. Charter Index does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or images displayed as they may not be current. All yacht details and charter pricing are subject to change without prior notice and are without warranty.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

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Название яхтыHALARA
Скорость (крейсерская)20.4кмч / 11узлы
Скорость (макс)27.8кмч / 15узлы
Диапазон (крейсерский)7963.6км / 4300нм
Двигатель2x diesel MTU (12V 2000 M72) 12-cylinder 1,468hp engines
ФлагОстрова Кайман
ДизайнерAlberto Mancini Yacht Design