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Частная яхта


Роскошная чартерная яхта CRAFTSMANS ART является частной яхтой, и мы не можем подтвердить ее доступность к чартеру.

CRAFTSMANS ART ранее предлагал размещение для 6 гостей в 3 каютах, состоящих из мастера, расположенного в кормовой части с кроватью king size и ванной комнатой, включая душ и туалет.

Дальнейшее размещение гостей было также доступно в 2 каютах. Технические характеристики на борту прекрасно построенного 78 футов/23,8 м CRAFTSMANS ART, запущенного в 1992 году и позже переоснащенного в 2017 году, включают полный кондиционер, а также обширный список удобств и игрушек.



Душ на палубе

Рыболовные снасти - продвинутые

Солнцезащитный кушон

Производитель воды



Joshua Allies

Joshua Allies

Josh was born and raised on the south coast of England and from a young age found a passion for people which lead him down a path of becoming a magician. While performing at weddings, corporate events and private parties Josh became acquainted with a sailor who inspired him to learn the ropes.  Josh soon found himself stepping on board a yacht sailing back from Antigua to the UK and from then on, covering thousands of miles, he knew then where his heart lay. He obtained his Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate in the Solent and then took a contract working as a flotilla skipper down the Adriatic coast of Croatia and the Greek islands. He has also worked in a yard refurbishing boats and is a qualified sailing instructor. Josh is a warm-hearted sailor who always wants to please, he insists that he hasn’t lost his magic hands so be sure to be entertained.

Jade Clark

Jade was born in a small city of Chichester on the south coast of England. Through her childhood years it became clear to her that she loved to be around people and any social events she could be involved in. Growing up on the coast the yachting industry was never far behind. At the age of 20 she studied at UKSA on the Isle of Wight to be a yacht stewardess as she knew sailing and travelling was where she wanted to be. She then worked as a hostess on flotilla holidays sailing along the Adriatic coast.  Adding to her studies she then went on to follow her passion for cooking. She qualified as a chef at the Ashburton cookery school where she learnt many new skills and dishes to take her to the next level. Jade has a love for finding new ingredients and flavours in different countries and learning new cuisine. You can be sure to be greeted with a freshly baked cake when arriving on board Craftsmans Art. Jade will listen to your needs and take in any health issues and dietary requirements you may have.


  • Название яхты


  • Длина

    23.8м / 78футов

  • Балка

    6.1м / 20'0

  • Черновик

    3.2м / 10'6

  • Скорость (крейсерская)

    13кмч / 7узлы

  • Скорость (макс)

    16.7кмч / 9узлы

  • Диапазон (крейсерский)

    1852км / 1000нм

  • Двигатель

    2x 15hp Cummins diesel engines

  • Корпус


  • Флаг


  • Запущен


  • Переоборудованные


  • Строитель


  • Дизайнер

    Dixon Yacht Design

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