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Why Charter

luxury yacht charters invite you to see the world like never before

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Why Charter

luxury yacht charters invite you to see the world like never before

The pinnacle of perfect success, extravagant living, and the lore of exploration – luxury yacht charters invite you to see the world like never before. There is no finer sense of freedom than setting sail for new horizons, calling at cultural ports of call, and soaking up the sheer bliss of your own floating oasis. Superyacht living is filled with simple pleasures, soft sights, and sublime moments.

Pick Perfect Privacy

Even five-star hotels and lavish cruise ships cannot compare to the experience of a personal yacht charter. When you choose to travel by yacht, you are picking a world where you don’t have to compromise. Luxury yacht charters deliver divine privacy, the chance to live on your very own schedule, and unrivaled attention from the crew and captain. As soon as you rouse from pure Egyptian cotton sheets, the hours are yours to relax and play in the most spellbinding way you see fit. From morning yoga on the deck to wet and wild watersports, lazy lunches in the sun, spa treatments, and silver service suppers on deck – this is your time, free from prying eyes and unwelcome encounters.

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Scenic Sailing

The world looks different from out on the water, suddenly your perspective shifts, the horizon looks brighter and you realize that the possibilities are endless. When exploring the world on foot or bound to the land, you are penned in by pathways, but on a yacht charter you can choose to go any direction and the scenic sights that await are sure to take your breath away. From far flung islands to cities that never sleep, rising mountains, and majestic sea creatures – take a look at some of the spots you can hope to see from the deck of your superyacht.

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Perfect Privacy

The sound of the ocean, the expanse of the horizon, a cocktail in hand and a front-row seat to another epic sunset. This is life aboard a beautiful yacht charter. Superyacht guests know the secret to a sublime life is the pleasure of perfect privacy. You can stay in one of the finest seven-star hotels in the world, but it’s an environment you have to share, and with other people comes compromise. Having a luxury yacht charter all to yourself means that there is no need to compromise. You rise and fall on your own schedule, you pick your perfect ports of call, and you take up as much space as you need. Time and space are the epitome of truly authentic luxury.

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Gourmet Globetrotting

Bountiful breakfasts on the aft deck, silver service suppers beneath the stars of Sicily, and long lazy seafood lunches from the very fish you caught that afternoon - a yacht charter experience brings out the best of culinary cool. A major part of living well is dining in decadent style and nowhere can you do this better then when sailing on your superyacht. Not only does the yacht lifestyle gift you your own glorious personal chef, but the pleasure of calling from port to port introduces you to a heavenly world of global dining. Take a look at these ways in which a yacht charter vacation tantalizes the tastebuds…

Explore Different Shores

When sailing on a luxury yacht charter you aren’t confined to just one port of call; gliding across oceans – you and your captain can piece together a stunning schedule. From island hopping in French Polynesia to seeing swathes of history and culture along the European Rivieras, stepping ashore to explore Asia’s brightest and booming cities, or getting truly off track and into the wilds of Antarctica or the Amazon jungle, nowhere is off limits when you have access to an amazing luxury yacht.

Make Magical Memories

Whether choosing honeymoon horizons, family finesse, or to raise the roof with a handpicked entourage – luxury yacht charters are made from the building blocks of magical memories. From the first time you catch sight of a fanning whales tail in the Sea of Cortez to snorkeling with Manta Rays in the Caribbean, watching the northern lights flicker over the fjords of Norway from your Jacuzzi, and stepping on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival – this is the art of a life well lived.

image of Rare Relaxation

Rare Relaxation

Stretch out in the sun, trail your fingers in the blue, catch up on your reading and breathe. In the modern world it can be tricky to truly unplug and unwind, even in resorts and hotels, the urge is still there to go out and explore, but on a yacht charter you can embrace the art of doing nothing and finally find your bliss. Yacht charters come beautifully designed with a mind on the art of rare relaxation; sailing from place to place satisfies that urge to venture far, and with lavish lounge and spa facilities on deck, you have all you need to rest easy.

image of Exploration


A yacht charter invites you to explore the world one port of call at a time. From the remote glaciers of Antarctica to the silica sands and wild orchids of French Polynesia, let the swell take you to the ends of the earth and back. The pleasure of sailing onboard a yacht charter means that you have the freedom and means to move at your own time and place. Take your world with you or leave your luxury yacht at port and head out on the tender to discover secret coasts.

image of Wild Watersports

Wild Watersports

Luxury yacht charters gift you the ocean as your very own playground. These yachts are often brimming with tenders and toys meaning that whether you want to dive down deep, explore, or float above – there is endless fun to be had when sailing the seven seas. From the smallest sailor to adult only adrenaline, yacht charters invite you out to play – with a wealth of watersport activities that run from dawn until dusk. Take a look at some of the finest wet and wild watersports you can enjoy when the ocean is your own backyard.

Take Time Out

In a world that brims with the hustle and bustle, sometimes a step back can reignite the soul. A luxury yacht charter gifts you that space to take a deep breath and soak up the pristine views of the sea. Having a private chef whip up divine dishes, having a personal masseuse unwind every tension, and having a crew to carry your cocktails, take you deep sea diving, and plump your pillow – all against the backdrop of sparkling seas, rising mountains, and secret coves is sure to bring you back to life, in more ways than one. Those who crave those lines of communication with the outside world will still find all the mod cons onboard.

Embrace Better Business

Corporate charters encourage better business. Whether entertaining a VIP client at the Monaco Grand Prix or taking your team out across the Great Barrier Reef to bond and blaze with new ideas; away from the confines of land, you can launch your business to dizzying new heights. Sit down dinners beneath the stars, lavish launch parties, and top shelf scotch – this is the way to nail down that new contract.

Whether for business or pleasure, picking a superyacht experience can change the way you see the world. For centuries, we have been drawn to the water – and now thanks to the power, prowess and perfect design of superyachts, we can do it in complete five-star style.