Active water sport yacht charter

Luxury yacht charters gift you the ocean as your very own playground. These yachts are often brimming with tenders and toys meaning that whether you want to dive down deep, explore, or float above – there is endless fun to be had when sailing the seven seas whether gliding on glacial lakes or tropical shores.

From the smallest sailor to adult only adrenaline, yacht charters invite you out to play – with a wealth of watersport activities that run from dawn until dusk. From rip-roaring wave runners to sail away inflatables, cool kayaks, and underwater exploration toys, a yacht charter vacation can introduce you to endless fun on the water.

Wakeboarder enjoying a perfect day in Dubai Marina near Burj Al Arab
Man on jetski jump on the wave at sunset , Alanya Turkey
Triton submarine diving through school of fish

Top 5 water sports destinations

Glorious Greece

With a wealth of beautiful islands, turquoise waters, and hidden coves flanked by pine forests and olive groves -Greece makes for a glorious spot for those wanting to get wet and wild with watersports. The Cyclades is a stunning spot for underwater diving and snorkeling and the Dodecanese has plenty of sunken ships and coral clad gardens. Over on the islands of Mykonos and Paros you can kitesurf thanks to generous trade winds.

The breezy Bahamas

All shades of white and blue, the soft breeze of the Bahamas is a must for enthusiasts of active water sports. The Blue Holes of Andros invite you to dive off into the edge of the world. Big game fishing is also first class on the shores of the Bahamas with the Biminis earning top tier status. Of course, with plenty of islands and calm coves you can also kayak and paddleboard.

Cool Croatia

Divers will delight in the offerings of the Dalmation Coast where the likes of Split serves up incredible snorkeling and diving opportunities. Down in the south of Croatia you can also fish to your heart's content and intrepid water lovers can swim through Odyseus’s cave. With over three thousand miles of cool coastline, Croatia is a first class ocean playground for your luxury charter vacation.

Magic Mexico

Mexico is a free divers paradise. With its balmy bright blue waters, beautiful beaches flanking tropical jungle, Indiana Jones inspired sunken cenotes, and natural holes you can splash, snorkel, swim, and pull out your paddle boards til your hearts delight. The coastline is also prime for whale watching and deep fish fishing making it one of the best charter destinations for both active water sports and something a little more chill.

Peachy Miami

Miami is another incredible spot for those who love boats and active water sports. With everything from big game fishing to snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking, there is so much to see. There’s also lots of opportunity for jet ski adventures and soaking up the fun party vibes that stretch along the coast. For those seeking blissful blue waters and Bahamian vibes, Key West is a wonder.

Scuba diver before diving. A diving lesson in open water.
Snorkelling a coral reef in the Caribbean
Freestyle slide off the side of motor yacht

Top yacht toys and water sports to enrich your experience

Practically all luxury yachts come with an amazing array of toys to enrich your experience out at sea. From the must have kayaks and SUPs for early sunrise sessions or flaming sunsets to seabobs, submarines, and scuba diving gear for all your underwater adventures. You can also turn your charter into a playground with a fabulous array of inflatables, and say yes to adrenaline adventures as you waterski, surf, and wakeboard your way across the seven seas. Take a look at some of the categories of water sports gear and toys to tantalize.

Adrenaline filled

Luxury yacht charters come packed to the hilt with an amazing array of water sports toys to make your life on water a fun fuelled dream. From personal water crafts to waterskiing, surfboards, kayaks, wakeboards, and even inflatable theme parks, you can have a blast out on the blue.

Race around the golden coastline of Croatia, explore remote archipelagos in Fiji, or make a dazzling arrival at Nikki Beach Club in Ibiza onboard your savvy and sophisticated jet ski. Walk on water, feel the surge of salty ocean beneath your feet, and fall in love with beautiful balance as you perfect the art of wakeboarding or cruising on water skis..

Luxury yacht charter guests traveling with the family will find a whole sleuth of water fun when playing with amazing inflatables and towable toys. Beyond the simplicity of rubber rings, superyacht inflatables are some of the most fun toys. Innovation has come a long way and now alongside the usual banana boats and other towable inflatables that take you careening across the waves; there are also blow up theme parks, slides that go from the top deck into the sea, and even floating swimming pools that can sit on top of the deep blue sea.

Thrill of the Catch

Cast your line from the deck of your boat or take the tender out to hidden coves and holes. Surrounded by the ocean, there are endless catches to be had when sailing a luxury superyacht. From the Biminis to Key West, and even the chillier shores of Alaska, there are many incredible spots around the world for deep sea fishing, ice fishing, line fishing, and even spear fishing for the truly intrepid. The Bahamas and the Virgin Islands are the home of Big Game fishing where mahi mahi, sailfish, and marlin can all be caught in groanworthy weights. European shores also boast a bounty of fish with the likes of Sicily being famed for its spear fishing.

The underwater world of beauty

Scuba dive into the blue holes of Belize, snorkel the coral fringes of the Great Barrier Reef, and swim alongside Manta Rays in the Cayman Islands. One of the most beloved water-based activities on a yacht charter has to be the endless opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Many luxury yacht charters will come complete with snorkels and fins, and for those who already have their diving certificates, the chance to explore sunken ships and vertical wall drops will most certainly be on the cards. Some yachts come complete with crew members who are PADI instructors which can take your underwater activities to a whole new level.

Sometimes you don’t even need to get your hair wet when diving from the deck of your yacht charter into the depths of the aquamarine sea. The most sophisticated modern toy on the market has to be the submarine. These personal underwater crafts come with just enough space for your captain and several guests and can take you down into the inky darkness to discover what mysteries are waiting below. If submarines aren’t quite your style, then the Seabob is another thrilling toy of the 21st century. These underwater Jetstream toys take you whooshing beneath the waves and help you to create lasting memories.

Sup surfing under amazing dark sunset sky with three people
Water skiing lessons after lunch
Sunset kayak trip

Frequently Asked questions

Can I use the yachts water toys?

Yes, when you rent  motor yachts you are free to use whatever water toys they have onboard.

Yes, many larger motor yachts carry diving gear and as long as you have the right PADI qualifications you are more than welcome to use the onboard equipment. Some yachts even come with qualified instructors on board.

Guests can use the jet skis on board but may need to undergo training in PWC safety first although this can vary. There are rules and regulations about where you can use personal water crafts too with certain age restrictions and other restrictions regarding how close you can bring the wave runners to shore.

Big game fishing is offshore sportfishing that focuses on the larger species of fish like marlin, mahi-mahi, tuna, and swordfish. It is one of the more exciting forms of fishing as it takes skill, sport, and pursuit to reel those big boys in.