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Admiral Yachts • 2019 • 33米








$39,900/ 周

豪华的超级游艇 NAFISA 提供 5 个客舱可容纳 10 人,其中包括一个主人位于前方,配有一张特大号床和浴室设施,包括淋浴和卫生间、一张特大号床的贵宾以及浴室设施,包括淋浴和卫生间。 另外 3 间客舱还提供其他客房住宿。

NAFISA 还可容纳多达 6 名机组人员,以确保您享受轻松的豪华包机体验,并满足您在船上的所有需求。

船上精美建造的 108 英尺 /33 米海军上将游艇于 1975 年推出,后来在 2019 年进行改造,其规格包括全空调以及各种设施和玩具。

在西地中海租赁时,豪华超级游艇 NAFISA 和她的 6 名船员一定会满足您的所有需求,并确保您享受您的体验。




渔具 - 轻型






Salvatore Costagliola

Salvatore Costagliola

Born in the beautiful island of Procida, Salvatore is a reliable seamen with more than 23 years of cruising experience. He started working aboard merchant ships when he was very young and later he become Master on an Oceanographic vessel. Then he spent many years working as a Captain on several yachts before coming at the helm of Nafisa. His great skills in navigation, his kindness and his ability to lead a team make him a valuable Captain. He’s an expert of the Amalfi and Neapolitan Coasts and he’s always happy to introduce his guests to the secrets of these amazing lands. Salvatore holds also a PADI qualification and speaks English.

Giuseppe Perreca

Giuseppe is a very experienced chef that has grown his skills by travelling all around Europe. In fact, after attending the catering institute, Giuseppe started working as a chef in all the most high end destinations in Italy, including Venice and Cortina. Then he decided to widen his horizons and headed to Barcelona, Nice, Tangeri, where he learned to please international palates adding exotic touches to his background. He loves cooking handmade bread, pasta and pizza and he always prefers fresh, seasonable products. His dishes are incredibly tasty still they remain healthy: fresh caught, fruit, salads, Giuseppe’s cuisine is a typical example of the Italian tradition. His patisserie creations are a real delight: guests will absolutely adore his babbà (Neapolitan rum-soaked cake), his chocolate mousse and his “diplomatica”.

Carmine Salese

Carmine is a very welcoming team member, he loves sea life and his wide and sincere smile always makes guests feel like home. Always fascinated by the sea, he started working in the maritime field at a very young age, gaining over ten years of experience and covering several different roles; he started as an electrician for small boats, was then hired as a mooring man in touristic ports and shipyards and then began his career on board on private yachts. He joined the charter industry in 2019 and is now a precious addition to Nafisa’s crew. His extensive mechanical knowledge allows him to face any kind of situation on board and his outgoing character is one of his strong points. He speaks Italian and a basic level of English and Spanish.

Fabio Barbera

Fabio is a professional and expert team member. He started working very young as shipyard worker in Messina from 2003 to 2016. Later he employed as deckhand and tenderist aboard the Gulet Santa Barbara till’ 2018. He followed his career as deckhand aboard the Sailing Yacht Kaptan Yilmaz. Very accurate and used to teamwork, Fabio will bring aboard all the Sicilian warmth of his native land. Italian mother tongue, he speaks a basic English.

Valentina Marino

With a proven experience in hospitality’s field, Valentina is a reliable crew member, always ready to satisfy guests’ needs with a professional and caring attitude. After the degree in Political Sciences, achieved at Università l’Orientale of Naples in 2017, she gained the license of Tourist Guide, implementing her social skills. To combine her interest in hospitality and traveling, she joins the yachting industry working as hostess aboard the gulet Marcantonio where she was in charge of hospitality service and waitressing. Valentina loves exploring new places, learning about other cultures and dealing with guests, offering them the best service possible. Italian mother tongue, she speaks a good level of English and Spanish.

Filomena Borriello

Filomena is a professional and valid crew member. Filomena’s hospitality background lies in working as receptionist for renowned hotels in Campania and Puglia. Used to deal with demanding clients, thanks to her recent experience as stewardess aboard luxurious yachts, she is able to make feel every guest welcomed and as comfortable as possible. Expert connoisseur of wines and able to help with cooking, Filomena holds the third level of Sommelier Fisar Course and is able to suggest the finest wines combination. Holding excellent communicative skills and used to work in team, Filomena ensures professionalism and competence aboard. Italian mother tongue, she speaks a good level of English and a basic French.


  • 游艇名称


  • 长度

    33米 / 108脚

  • 8米 / 26'3

  • 草稿

    2.1米 / 6'11

  • 速度(巡航)

    24.1每小时 / 13结

  • 速度(最大)

    37每小时 / 20结

  • 油耗(巡航)

    350肺动脉高压 / 92.5加仑每小时

  • 引擎

    2x 1770hp MTU

  • 赫尔


  • 意大利

  • 已启动


  • 已改装


  • 生成器

    Admiral Yachts

  • 设计师

    Cantieri Lavagna