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Lagoon • 2012 • 17.1м








$26,000/ неделя

Вид сбокуЗона отдыха салонаЗона отдыха на палубеСалон и камбуз правого бортаПлощадь салона и камбуза - портВид из зоны отдыха флайбриджаЛюкс с кроватью размера «queen-sizeЛюкс с кроватью размера «queen-size»Мастер-кормовой королевский люкспередняя палубаВанная комната в номере MasterРестораны на свежем воздухеКормовая зона кокпитаПосле того, как солнце заходитДети любят трубкиРыбалкаПираты захвачены Медный ПенниПодводное плаваниеДайвинг по рифамВейк бординг и водные лыжиСтоячие веслаВид с лукомЗахватите день!

Роскошная чартерная яхта COPER PENNY предлагает размещение для 6 гостей в 3 каютах, состоящих из мастера, расположенного в кормовой части с кроватью размера «queen-size» и ванной комнатой с душем и туалетом. Дальнейшее размещение также доступно в 2 каютах.

COPER PENNY также вмещает до 2 членов экипажа на борту, чтобы обеспечить вам расслабленный роскошный чартер и все ваши потребности удовлетворяются во время пребывания на борту.

Спецификации на борту прекрасно построенной лагуны площадью 56 футов/17,1 м, запущенной в 2011 году и позже переоснащенной в 2012 году, включают в себя полный кондиционер, а также обширный список удобств и игрушек.

Во время фрахтования в Карибском море роскошная чартерная яхта COPER PENNY и ее экипаж из 2 обязательно удовлетворят все ваши потребности и убедитесь, что вам понравится ваш опыт.




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Jim Grant


Two season crews on catamaran COPPER PENNY Captain Jim Grant - Winter Season Jim, your captain, grew up sailing on Lake Ontario. His family has always owned boats and Jim began his sailing instruction while attending summer camp. As a young adult Jim moved to Virginia, were he became bare boat certified and began chartering. In his corporate life Jim was a stockbroker. He was televised on Charlottesville, Virginia’s NBC 29 nightly news for seven years sharing his market commentary with viewers. While working as a stockbroker, Jim found time to become a delivery captain for a Lagoon catamaran dealership, and began transiting the East Coast of North America. There he found his love for the open ocean. He obtained his United States Coast Guard Masters License, and later obtained a MCA 200-ton Offshore Certificate. Jim is also a certified PADI Dive Master, and looks forward to taking you diving. In addition Jim enjoys windsurfing, kite surfing, and skiing.

Two season crews on catamaran COPPER PENNY Winter season chef/mate Amanda Grant Amanda, your chef, is from Virginia. She grew up as a competitive swimmer and spent time backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Later, she discovered triathlons, and spent many hours training and competing. Jim introduced her to sailing, and life was never the same. She began sailing the Chesapeake every weekend, and accompanying Jim on some of his deliveries. Amanda’s career as an engineer was demanding and gratifying, but soon she began dreaming of warm waters. During her years sailing the Caribbean, she developed a love for cooking and exploring local cuisine. To prepare for life as a charter chef, Amanda attended a mega-yacht cooking school in Fort Lauderdale, where she honed her skills. She looks forward to serving you beautifully presented delicious meals. In addition, Amanda is a certified PADI Dive Master, and a kayak instructor. Amanda’s other interests include windsurfing, kite surfing, and skiing.

Two seasonal crews on catamaran COPPER PENNY Spring/Summer Captain Dan Shivone Captain Dan and Alli come to Copper Penny after 3 successful seasons onboard Kelea, a 65ft Catamaran. Over the past 3 seasons, they enjoyed showing their guests all the Virgin Islands had to offer. Dan and Alli are both PADI Divemasters, avid hikers and snorkelers, and enjoy sharing their love of the islands with those that join them on charter. Whether enjoying leisure time onboard or getting to know the friendly locals, their goal is to make their guests feel at home. Captain Dan’s passion for the water started at an early age along the coast of Delaware. He truly developed his skills after moving to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, where he learned to read the wind and the water for both surfing and sailing. He obtained his Captain’s license in North Carolina, and quickly began guiding on the water and sharing his love of nature and the sea. Dan holds the US Sailing Association Certification and American Sailing Association Certification, as well. Dan and Alli met in the Summer of 2009 on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, where they worked running kayak trips and sailing excursions. After sailing their personal sailboat, Goose, over 2,500 miles from North Carolina to the Bahamas and back, Dan as Captain, Alli as crew and chef, they discovered their love for the islands. ... They soon married knowing if they could survive that, nothing could stop them.

Two seasonal crews on catamaran COPPER PENNY Spring/Summer Chef/Mate Alli Shivone Alli was born on the East Coast, where as a young girl she grew up with a passion for the ocean and adventure, passed on by her father. Alli has grown up with a passion for cooking food, that not only tastes good and looks good, but that is good for you. She began cooking at a young age, preparing meals for her family of five, and continues to create beautiful dishes with love and artistry. Alli was awarded 1st Place in the Culinary Competition during the Annual Yacht Show in 2016 and later studied at Ashburton Culinary School where she obtained her Certificate in Culinary Arts. The couple moved to the Virgin Islands in 2014 and have been sailing together and helping others enjoy the islands to the fullest, ever since! They love to make their guests feel like family, and always start every charter with the simple phrase “Welcome Home!” They now look forward to welcoming you to the Copper Penny Family!


  • Название яхты


  • Длина

    17.1м / 56футов

  • Балка

    9.4м / 30'10

  • Черновик

    1.5м / 4'11

  • Скорость (крейсерская)

    14.8кмч / 8узлы

  • Скорость (макс)

    22.2кмч / 12узлы

  • Корпус


  • Флаг

    Виргинские о-ва (Великобритания)

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