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Роскошная супер-яхта CORSARIO предлагает размещение для 12 гостей в 6 каютах, состоящих из мастера, расположенной ниже вперед с кроватью king size и ванной комнатой, включая душ и туалет, VIP с кроватью размера queen size и ванные комнаты, включая душ и туалет. Дальнейшее размещение также доступно в 4 каютах.

CORSARIO также вмещает до 8 членов экипажа на борту, чтобы обеспечить вам расслабленный роскошный чартер и все ваши потребности удовлетворяются во время пребывания на борту.

Спецификации на борту красиво построенного 157 футов/48 м Custom, запущенного в 2019 году, включают полный кондиционер, а также обширный список удобств и игрушек.

Во время фрахтования в Восточном Средиземноморье роскошная суперяхта CORSARIO и ее экипаж из 8 человек обязательно удовлетворят все ваши потребности и убедитесь, что вы наслаждаетесь своим опытом.




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Jure Restovic


Our amazing Captain Juer was born December 17th in 1981 in Split but he lives on the island of Brac. In Split he finished his high school education as a chef but he ended in nautical tourism very quickly following his passion cause since he was a small boy he is tied to the sea. He calls the sea his friend that has been round all of his life or as he likes to emphasize – '' I am in love with the sea!'' His father was a shipbuilder and he used to observe boats in refit and in the sea later so they got under his skin. After his highschool he worked several seasons on a cruiser and then he decided to dedicate more of his time to following the dream of becoming a Captain. In 2017 he passed all the tests after having much experience on the sea. This will be his 17th year on the sea. Growing up by the sea and being involved in shipbuilding with his father set his life path and brought him to what he enjoys the most – SAILING! In his free time Jure loves diving and fishing so be sure he will take you to the best places, coves and catch fresh fish, octopus and he will show you how to truly indulge in everything that the Adriatic sea has to offer while on Corsario.

Andrea was born on August 11th in 1996 i a beautiful city called Zadar where she finished her high school education. Being a very sociable person, she always showed various interests. She speaks fluent English, loves literature, music and arts. Andrea studied psychology for some time and tried out different jobs starting with tourism and hospitality. She always felt a connection to the sea as her brother along her father were in the sea business. Her path led her to her first job as a stewardess on a yacht and from that moment on she realized that is something she wants to pursue in the future. In her free time, she is finishing Yoga instructor training course. Andrea is a people person, communicative and diplomatic and wants to prosper in a healthy working environment so she is a perfect match for Corsario. She is very motivated and eager to learn, and wants to excel in every task given to her.

After finishing high school Dario started working as a waiter and he just fell in love with the job. He approaches his job highly professional and with passion being an ambitious person always ready to learn more new things. After 15 years of experience in a 5 * hotels and restaurants he just felt the need for a new challenge in his life so he turned to yacht service and now he is a part of our beautiful Corsario. His unique professional and personal approach to the guests’ needs with care and charm will stay in their memory for a long time. Dario is an outdoor person and in his free time he likes to be in the nature riding his bicycle and playing basketball and whenever there is a free moment loves to gets his hands on a new book.

Hrvoje is a deckhand on the sailing yacht Corsario, born on July 8th in 1995 in the city of Split where he finished his high school education in electric engineering. He speaks English and is familiar with Italian, very skilled in communication with the guests and his infectious smile will immediately make them feel welcome on Corsario. He has been a part of the team; you can say family for many years and is experienced in his work. Beside anchoring, tying the boat and keeping the yacht in good shape he enjoys working with people and that is the main reason why he loves being on boats. Meeting lovely people from all around the world, getting to know different cultures and listening to interesting stories guests have to tell is something he delights in, that is why in his spare time he likes to travel as much as he can so he can get new experiences that will help him in his career. For Hrvoje sailing on Corsario brings freedom which can not be described with words –‘’ you have to feel it, first time I felt that peace on the open sea, I knew I will fall in love with it so as long as I work on the boat I know I will be enjoying it’’, he says. If you happen to see Hrvoje barefoot all the time it is his way of enjoying life and freedom he loves so much while on the sea. In his free time, he likes to spend as much time with his family and friends playing soccer, watching movies and those are just a few of the things he enjoys.

Maja was born on April 9th in 1993 in the city of Split where she grew up and finished her highschool education. She worked in many restaurants as a sous chef where she became very skilled and fell in love with the business. She is a gourmet and very passionate towards creating and food. She likes the sea and working on boats because of the dynamics of different cruises and changes that Maja enjoys. Her free time is reserved for travelling, meeting new people and cultures. That inspires and motivates her. Long walks and meditation in the nature are her favorite things to do. Maja prefers working in a great environment and she contributes to a healthy work atmosphere with her creativity and is always looking forward to new challenges. Maja has another passion that she decided to follow sos he is a certified photographer as well, if you need more pictures of your vacation on Corsario she is the right person to go to.

Mladen is a passionate Chef. He has never worked in any other profession as he says „I don't see myself ever doing anything but this. “. He finished High School and started working as a Chef immediately in various restaurants. After 12 years of restaurant experience, he felt he has to liberate his creativity and decided to work on a yacht. „I want to thrill each guest with my work as I know I'm capable of doing that. After 15 year of experience I can't accept anything else. In my 15 years restaurant experience giving my best in mostly wasn't enough because there were too many things that we're out of my control. A Yacht is different as the whole crew is dedicated every day to please every client. I have an opportunity to get both instructions and impressions directly from the guests. It gives me joy and while cooking joy is essential. “ Mladen constantly perfects his knowledge by attending various seminars and workshops. His favorite cuisine is Mediterranean. He mostly uses local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. Most important to him is client satisfaction and that is why he adjusts to client’s preferences.

Even though his education went a different path; has a degree of a Master of Business Economy; he always knew he belongs out on the sea. After graduating in the economics field, he proceeded to expand his nautical knowledge and now holds a certificate for a First Officer and is on his way to become a Yacht Master. During his time on boats he has found that he enjoys the deck work needed to prepare the boat for the upcoming season so he has become pretty good at it. Since he wanted to get experience from every position on the boat he has started from the bottom and has been working on his way to the top. He has been involved with Corsario since it was just an idea, all the way through the building process. Very attentive to his guests he will always be ready to take care of his client’s needs, questions etc. His spare time includes futsal, the outdoors and traveling.


  • Название яхты


  • Длина

    48м / 157футов

  • Балка

    8.7м / 28'7

  • Черновик

    2.9м / 9'6

  • Скорость (крейсерская)

    15.7кмч / 8.5узлы

  • Скорость (макс)

    20.4кмч / 11узлы

  • Двигатель

    2x John Deere 317kw/425 HP

  • Корпус


  • Флаг


  • Запущен


  • Строитель