Luxury Yacht Rental in South Central Alaska

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to South Central Alaska

Head into the wild with a luxury yacht charter of Southcentral Alaska. Those seeking to explore new far flung territories and move past the well traversed waters of the Caribbean and Mediterranean, Southcentral Alaska will leave you wide eyed in wonder. Bison, bears, shaggy coated wolves and caribou can all be found on the remote shores of this final frontier American state. Summers blaze in wildflowers and twitching salmon filled waters, and winters are cloaked in knee deep snow and shimmering glaciers. For yacht charters, these lands can be a challenge, but her rewards are plenty.

Flying bald eagle ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis ) over snow-covered mountains
Mendenhall Glacier Viewpoint with Fireweed in bloom
Humpbacks whale breaching jumping. Alaska.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Southcentral Alaska

Wild Wonders

From midnight sun to mountains upon mountains, deep cut forests, and what Jack London famous declared as the ultimate call of the wild, few places in the world capture the spirit of complete wilderness quite like Southcentral Alaska. Raw and untamed, this is your chance to see bears catching salmon, witness grey wolves slinking out of sight, to watch mighty oxen in meadows and to admire moose with their antlers rattling on the road to nowhere.

Utterly Remote Anchorages

On a yacht charter through Southcentral Alaska you are more than likely to have the shoreline to yourself. While more captains and charter guests are turning their sights to these rare off beaten tracks, few have the product and the prowess to tackle these frontiers. Sailing through silent sounds, rushing falls, and in the shadow of mighty mountains, you can take a kayak and paddle out in absolute serenity.

Endless Adventures

Climbing icebergs, kayaking alongside whales, sailing sweeping silent fjords, feeling the thunder of waterfalls and hiking in wolf infested forests – Southcentral Alaska offers the chance for endless adventure. You don’t have to go far to be confronted with the chance to test yourself. Along with adrenaline fueled adventures you will find that even the simple things – like conversing with locals and grabbing a beer makes way for a great adventure.

Fabulous Fishing

Deep sea fishers will be in their element when it comes to Southcentral Alaska. Succulent salmon, fat trout, fresh halibut and glorious pike are just a few examples of what you can find in these frigid cold and clear waters. Secluded fishing spots come in their scores and as fishing tourism is a huge contributor to the Alaskan economy – you can expect things to be very well set up.

Seaplane take-off from Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska
Distant scenic view of the village of Ketchikan, Alaska.
Bears lake clark national park

Where to Visit in Southcentral Alaska

Red Bluff

Leave the world you know behind you and venture forth into the first of many remote anchorages with a stop at Red Bluff. Surrounded by towering cliffs -reaching a dizzying height of five thousand foot, the thundering waterfalls are enough to take your breath away. From the deck of your yacht charter you may be able to spy bears fishing for salmon. Red Bluff is also a sublime spot for kayaking but remember not to get too close to the bears as they are savvy swimmers.

Frederick Sound

Welcome to humpback world as you glide through the cool ripples of the fascinating Frederick Sound. Every year thousands of whales pass through these parts to feed on the nutrient rich waters. Coming all the way from Hawaii, yacht charter guests should be sure to pack their camera to shoot these whales leaping out against the backdrop of snow capped peaks. Along with whales you may also see porpoise, harbour seals and a multitude of seabirds squawking and diving.


Celebrated as being a small slice of Norway, the southern Alaskan town of Petersburg makes for a swinging little stop on your yacht charter adventure. This tiny slip of a town was founded by a Norwegian immigrant back in 1897 and is famed for its thriving fishing industry. The port isn’t deep enough for cruise ships to dock meaning that you can truly get a taste of local life away from the summer tourist crowds. Farm to table fish, cycling the trails around town, and conversing easily with the locals is the best way to perfect your time in Petersburg.

Tracy Arm

The winding classic fjord of Tracy Arm is a must for any yacht charter traversing these wild waters. One of the major highlights of Tracy Arm is the mighty Sawyer Glacier with its half a mile-wide face and its dramatic calves. Few Alaskan experiences compare to standing on the deck of your superyacht and watching a chunk of ice the size of a small car groan and crack and tumble into the cobalt waters below. Along with glaciers, this is also the place to witness tumbling icy waterfalls, soaring mountains, and the best of Alaska’s wildlife.

When to Charter a Yacht in Southcentral Alaska

As to be expected, winters in Southcentral Alaska are bone cold and impenetrable. Cruising these icy waters is best done in the summer months, when the snow has melted, the bears have woken, and the flowers are in bloom. Those looking to get a head start on cruising season may also find that May is a great month to take to the winding fjords and secret passages of Southcentral Alaska – during this time, the state is coming out of its winter slumber and the cruise ships have yet to arrive.

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