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Clelands Shipbuilding Co • 2021 • 39.7m


€75,400/ semaine

Le super yacht de luxe ARIONAS propose un hébergement pour 10 personnes dans 5 cabines composées d'un master avec un lit queen-size et d'une salle de bains avec douche et toilettes. D'autres hébergements sont également disponibles dans 4 autres cabines.

ARIONAS peut également accueillir jusqu'à 8 membres d'équipage à bord pour vous assurer que vous profitez d'une expérience de location luxueuse et détendue et que tous vos besoins sont pris en charge à bord.

Les spécifications à bord de la superbe construction Clelands Shipbuilding Co de 130 pi/39,7 m, lancée en 1967 et réaménagée plus tard en 2021, comprennent la climatisation complète ainsi qu'une liste complète d'équipements et de jouets.

Que vous choisissiez de louer en Méditerranée occidentale ou en Méditerranée orientale, le super yacht de luxe ARIONAS et son équipage de 8 personnes seront sûrs de satisfaire tous vos besoins et de vous assurer de profiter de votre expérience.


Ouest Méditerranéen
Îles Baléares
Corse et Sardaigne
Sicile et Îles Éoliennes
Riviera italienne
Côte d'Azur
Est Méditerranéen
Italie de l'Est


  • Vélos multiples
  • Equipement de sport
  • Équipement de pêche - Léger
  • Salle de sport
  • Chaises longues
  • Plateforme de bain



Ornella Tiburzio


Ornella Tribuzio: She is the cook on board, PATIENCE is HIS FIRST QUALITY 'beyond willpower and ability to work tirelessly in order to achieve her objectives. It ranges from the simple cuisine of the Mediterranean tradition to sophisticated and refined food she ensure to have a great service and view of her creations . His career began as a joke when she was invited to work for a weekend aboard a yacht, from that day It has been nine years of professional experience and personal satisfaction. During these nine years on board yachts , villas and restaurants has made one of its most important desires, to pass successfully the course of study at the international school "Alma" by Gualtiero Marchesi. On board takes care of the guests and crew, with the passion and sweetness .

Marco Montanini: Unique goal is to make possible an unforgettable holiday on board ARIONAS he loves technology and everything to do with the sea, on the surface and in immersionHis first shipment took place in France in 2003, starting from zero but under the guidance of professional people . working on board Arionas since 2013 he knows all the equipment on board..

Ric salimbot The chief engineer could only be motor enthusiast and carpentry. It equipped with large capacity adaptation and a keen instinct that allows him to solve effectively major problems with small solutions. He is dealing with care of the two Rolls-Royce engines of 1967 to present edge and of all mechanical systems, hydraulic or pneumatic that allow the Arionas operation. He started his career at aboard tall ships, but they are already eight years working with passion and dedication of what is now his house, the motor yacht Arionas.

victor Sulla " Bosun"a real sea wolf who has traveled the world on board oil tankers and cargo. absolute reliability in any sea condition. He probably spent more time at sea and moored in a harbor. Only in the last six years he has decided to cruise in quiet seas on board a yacht, Arionas. He takes care of the woods, of the steels and paint with painstaking care. With his vast experience is a reference point for the entire crew.


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  • Nom antérieur


  • Longueur

    39.7m / 130ft

  • Faisceau

    7.3m / 23'11

  • Ébauche

    3.2m / 10'6

  • Vitesse (croisière)

    22.2kmh / 12kn

  • Moteur

    2x Diesel Rolls Royce

  • Coque


  • Stabilizers


  • Drapeau


  • Lancé


  • Réajusté


  • Constructeur

    Clelands Shipbuilding Co


Ouest Méditerranéen
Est Méditerranéen

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