Luxury Yacht Rental in Bay Of Bengal

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Bay Of Bengal

Home to the Andaman Islands, the holy flow of the River Ganges, and all things exotically wonderful including tigers and turtles – the Bay of Bengal makes for a fascinating charter destination. Perfectly placed for balancing the billowing energy of India with a softer island side, you can take a deep breath and plunge into the riches and rags of Kolkata, get lost in the mangroves and see the peaks of the Himalayas, and spend a lifetime island hopping and watching elephants ocean bathing in the Andaman’s. For those who crave caves, parrots, clear blue seas, steaming cups of nearby Darjeeling tea, hammocks, street hawker delights, and a dazzling array of art, ocean, and architecture – the Bay of Bengal is a silver sweet box of pleasures.

Crowd of busy people buying flowers at Mullik Ghat Flower Market
A vast forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Benga
Bengal Tiger drinking water at a stream

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in The Bay of Bengal

Exotic Wildlife

Tigers, river dolphins, leopards, turtles, and pangolins – the Bay of Bengal makes way for a whole Noah’s ark army to march by. From the Andaman Islands where parrots flood the skies and shimmering fish skit beneath the surface, to the mangrove forests that cling to the banks of the Ganges, there’s so much flora and fauna to see.

Rare Beaches

White sand fantasies, Elephants trundling into the surf for their morning bath, and prayer worthy holy shores, when it comes to one of a kind beaches, The Bay of Bengal has plenty. Elephant Beach on Havelock Island in the Andaman’s is a must for those who want to share the water with native elephants, and for those who want to surf up a storm you cannot go wrong with the swells of The Twin Islands and Point Blair.

Colorful Culture

India is a smorgasbord for the senses and the Bay of Bengal invites you to soak it all up. From bright temples to rickety bicycles, an incredible street food scene, and a thousand sights, scents, and sounds – this is the India that lives up to the imagination. The Bay of Bengal boasts an ancient mix of cultures and colonial history, but it never really lost the essence of its own fascinating sense of pace and place. Setting sail on these shores invites you to experience lands where the old and the new fuse together.

Honeymoon couple take a walk at the scenic Havelock islands beach at Andaman
Beautiful Victoria Memorial, Kolkata
Tea plantations in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Where to Visit in The Bay of Bengal

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are the sparkling sapphire jewel of the Bay of Bengal. A rich archipelago, the Andaman Islands are the home to almost three hundred islands making this a veritable paradise for yacht charters. A world of white sands, soothing seas, elephants splashing, powerful surf, and swaying palms will keep you smitten. Divers and snorkelers will also find marine heavy coral reefs. When you get tired of the beach, you can hike rainforests, visit wildlife sanctuaries, and simply set sail.


India’s cultural capital is an eclectic metropolis that can easily overwhelm first time visitors before sure footedly sweeping them off their feet. Artistic, illuminating, and steeped in history, this large and rambling city was the epicenter of the British Raj. The architecture is striking, the flower market a blaze of dainty delight, and there’s an incredibly rich literature and culinary scene. It can be chaotic but Kolkata is a glittering affair of creativity.

Ganges Delta

Find a fascinating and lesser seen side of India as you journey to the great Ganges Delta that feeds into the Bay of Bengal. Here, amidst the green you have the chance to see the Bengal Tiger and as one of very few visitors to these parts, you are sure to stir up sublime fascination. Head to the Sundarbans National Park to lose yourself in a thicket of mangroves and estuarine forests and delve even further into West Bengal and Tiger Hill to see the sun send forth its light over the vast snowy peaks of the Himalayas.

When to Charter a Yacht in The Bay of Bengal

There’s a monsoon season to avoid when setting sail for The Bay of Bengal. The Andaman Islands welcomes the drenching rains between the months of July through until September. April to June serves as the summer months and can be hot but not unbearably so and these months also serve as the best time for snorkeling.

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