Luxury Yacht Rental in Colombia Pacific

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Colombia Pacific

The untamed Pacific Coast of Colombia is a world apart from the calm waters and lazy hammocks of the Caribbean side. Colombia Pacific is a lot more remote than its tourist centric sibling, with much of the region solely accessible by air or boat, yacht charter guests can expect to have large swathes of these Pacific shores to themselves. Eye popping beauty, completely empty beaches, intricate cultures, and whale rich waters – the Colombia Pacific is perfect for getting off grid.

A couple of capuchin monkey on a tree at Gorgona Island, Colombia
tree frog, Cruziohyla or Phyllomedusa calcarifer, climbing branch tropical Amazon rain forest. This tropical amphibian species lives rainforest of Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Panama
A scuba diver diving in the deep waters of Gorgona Island in the Colombian Pacific

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Colombia Pacific

Solo Footprints

With so few people making their way to the shores of the Colombia Pacific, you can expect to have the beaches all to yourself. Guachalito is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the area with its midnight black sands, jungle fringes, and whale clad waters. Those wandering the shores of El Almejal beach will be lucky enough to see the phosphorescent plankton glittering beneath the waves, like a thousand falling stars.

Jungle Treks

Lush greenery, jewelled waters dripping from the branch, exotic birds, and all kinds of wild creatures can be found in the vibrant jungle lands of the Choco Pacific. Hiking through this area offers you the chance to see a wide range of biodiversity including the tropically painted poisonous arrow frogs. Along with lots of wildlife there’s impressive waterfalls for perfect sweet water plunging.

Wild Watersports

Surf centric shores and empty waves makes the Colombia Pacific a perfect place for dancing on water. Whether beginner or pro, the uncrowded waters make this coastline an excellent choice. Surfing isn’t the only sport that will get you in the water, with Malepo Island close by, this is the holy grail of diving sites for those looking to kick around with over five hundred hammerhead sharks. Suffice to say, watersports in the Columbia Pacific are not for the faint of heart.

pacific coast of Colombia dawning
Humpback whale jumping out of the water off the coast of Nuquí in Colombia.
Tropical beach Almejal at the pacific coast next to El Valle in Choco region of Colombia

Where to Visit in Colombia Pacific

Bahia Solano

Protected by surging surf, Bahia Solano sits in the sheltered corner of the Gulf of Cupica is the largest inhabited area on the shores of the Colombia Pacific. This is one of the best places in the world for sports fishing and also a prime destination for whale watching. The coastal town is backed by beautiful hiking trails and glorious nearby beaches making it a first-class stop on your yacht charter adventure.

Utira National Park

An untouched wilderness awaits as you glide into the lush lands and silky blue waters of the Utira National Park. Kick back on the blissful sands of Playa Blanca, hike into the jungles, and watch the spellbinding show of humpback whales leaping and diving and slapping their tails. This is also the cultural home for learning about the Embera Indigenous people and offers visitors the chance to watch live music, body painting, and witness home life with a local family.


The island of Gorgona is famed for being one of the largest coral banks in the whole of the Colombia Pacific. The clear waters here teem with sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, and darting morays. It’s an amazing spot to duck down beneath the blue and go diving or stay on the shimmering surface for snorkelling. With Gorgona being close to the mainland you can blend inland trips with ocean bound adventures. Lucky divers may also get the rare chance to swim alongside humpback whales here as they pass through in high numbers.

When to Charter a Yacht to Colombia Pacific

For those looking to catch sight of the majestic humpback whales making their migratory journey, the best time to set sail for the shores of the Colombia Pacific is between the months of July and November. Avoiding a few downpours in the Colombia Pacific isn’t possible at any time of year as Choco is considered to be one of the wettest places on earth. Regardless of the showers, the weather is often warm and fits the tropical wild backdrop of the Pacific.

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