A yacht charter invites you to explore the world one port of call at a time. From the remote glaciers of Antarctica to the silica sands and wild orchids of French Polynesia, let the swell take you to the ends of the earth and back. The pleasure of sailing onboard a yacht charter means that you have the freedom and means to move at your own time and place. Take your world with you or leave your luxury yacht at port and head out on the tender to discover secret coasts.

Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia.
walking along the exotic sandy beach on sunny summer day
Xtravaganza Tender at Monaco in 2004

Wild Worlds

Every corner of the far-flung globe offers a wild new adventure. From the thick rivers and jungles of the Amazonian Basin to the bear laden shores of Alaska, as long as there is water – there is nowhere you can’t go. Luxury yacht charters are the perfect vessel for getting back to nature; designed so you can embrace the elements without compromising comfort and style, you can chase the Northern Lights, sail alongside thundering waterfalls, explore the Great Barrier Reef, see the red desert dunes of the Arabian Gulf, and visit some of the worlds most remote communities in the Mergui archipelago. Some of the worlds most active destinations are available to discover by superyacht. New Zealand and Norway boast some of the most beautiful fjords imaginable or for nature watching you can cruise the prehistoric style islands of the Galapagos, watch whales and bears in Canada, or even blend a safari with sunlit sailing on the shores of South Africa.

The Right Yacht

Luxury yacht charters come in all shapes, sizes and styles – but for those who want to break boundaries, an explorer yacht is needed to hit those untamed corners of the globe. For example; yacht charter guests looking to cruise beneath the aurora borealis or watch penguins in the snow laden landscapes of Antarctica will need to set sail in an ice-breaker class yacht. Those looking to sail to unchartered spots in Indonesia to surf empty breaks will need a yacht with a good tender, and those seeking to sail beneath mighty mountains to hike to the worlds most dramatic peaks may want to consider a yacht with a helicopter landing pad.

glaciers of Antarctica
Land iguana and sea lion moving his fin in the background a white boat
Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru.

Intrepid Adventures

The world is full of beautiful bucket list adventures that will tempt even the most experienced traveler. Using your glorious luxury yacht charter as a base, you can dive right in to some of the most extreme and energetic experiences our planet has to offer. From paragliding off Table Mountain in Cape Town to riding horses across the open plains of Patagonia, hiking to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, and swimming with sharks – push yourself to the limits every day. Those who prefer a gentler style of adventure can still get their fix; bone fishing against the blue backdrop of the Bahamas, rainbow snorkeling in the worlds finest coral reefs, and discovering lost civilizations at the Mayan ruins of Mexico. Onboard a yacht charter you can have a new adventure every day.

Tailored Details

In-between dramatic backdrops and exquisite exploration, it’s the details that make a dream. Yacht charter vacations are perfectly tailored to fit your lifestyle like a glove. With a dedicated crew and a captain who is more than well-versed in the backwaters of the world, you can journey to exotic lands without leaving the five-star life behind. Woven into the endless jungle hikes, sublime surf sessions, and wildlife trekking, you can unwind aching muscles in the Jacuzzi, dine on gourmet suppers beneath the stars, and sleep in stately cabins dressed to impress.

Epic adventures onshore and out at sea; when sailing the globe in a luxury yacht charter, the opportunities for amazing exploration are truly endless.

Tiger shark glides over the top of a diver, flashing his metallic stripes.
Navagio beach. Shipwreck bay, Zakynthos island, Greece
Northern Lights

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