Gourmet Globetrotting

Bountiful breakfasts on the aft deck, silver service suppers beneath the stars of Sicily, and long lazy seafood lunches from the very fish you caught that afternoon - a yacht charter experience brings out the best of culinary cool. A major part of living well is dining in decadent style and nowhere can you do this better then when sailing on your superyacht. Not only does the yacht lifestyle gift you your own glorious personal chef, but the pleasure of calling from port to port introduces you to a heavenly world of global dining. Take a look at these ways in which a yacht charter vacation tantalizes the tastebuds

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Dining on Deck

Whether dining in the casual surroundings of the aft deck or sitting down to formal linen and glass set tables, dining onboard a luxury yacht charter is always an occasion. The crew are well versed in gliding discreetly around the table, ensuring champagne glasses are bubbling to the top and plates are plentiful with the chef’s latest pleasures. The beauty of having space on your own yacht is that you can dine the way you want. Whether you love an epic sit-down dinner with pearls and lace or if you prefer an easy breezy al fresco lunch, you pick the mood that suits your schedule the best.

Even beyond dining on deck; foodie fun can follow you near and far on a superyacht. From gourmet picnics on deserted sands to midnight snacks of homemade popcorn and ice-cream to accompany a movie on deck, cocktails and canapes for that special event – make every morsel count onboard a yacht charter.

Lobster and steak
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Canapes and wine buffet

Your Personal Chef

Better than a Michelin starred restaurant, having your own private chef onboard a superyacht is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even before stepping foot on your ship, the chef will be well aware of your culinary palate. Don’t be shy in informing the crew and chef as to your favorite foods and dishes. Whether you adore Cuban coffee or vintage French cheese, the chef can work your whimsical passions and preferences into a menu tailored specifically to suit your party. Yacht charter chefs are often handpicked for their expertise and innovation in the kitchen, so let them work their magic and enjoy the fruits of their lavish labor.

Gourmet Ports of Call

Sailing from port to port gives culinary connoisseurs the chance to expand their repertoire. The shores of Europe are laced in places that take the art of food very seriously. From authentic bouillabaisse on the shores of Marseille to homemade pasta and salt baked fish along the drama of the Amalfi Coast, limoncello in Sicily and sweet Sardinian wine – find out why the European coastline is such a fabulous foodie haven. Even beyond the stirring Mediterranean Sea; taste thick steaming clam chowder in New England, zesty Key Lime Pie in the pastel hues of Florida, and the famed conch salad that comes all the way from the blue Bahamas. From cooking classes to clinching a reservation at one of the worlds best restaurants; yacht charters entice you to taste the world.

Epic Entertaining

A stunning space, a private chef, and a dedicated crew – these are the finest ingredients for epic entertaining aboard your superyacht. Whether you want to throw a starlit soiree with chilled champagne and canapes, or if you desire a sit-down dinner with your favorite entourage; when you have access to an amazing yacht, these get-togethers can go off without a hitch. Themed dinner parties, masque balls, wonderful wine tastings, elegant afternoon teas, and whatever divine delights you can imagine; the chef and crew will be only too happy to help you piece together the perfect get together that is sure to go down in history.

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