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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Vietnam

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Vietnam

The long thin slither that makes up Vietnam is one of the most fascinating stretches of land in the world. Here, the chaos of culture seems to collide bringing with it thousands of years of ancient history, taste sensations that come with a pinch of Joie de vivre, and stunning landscapes that come brimming with stories and colorful characters. From the UNESCO lantern town of Hoi An to the limestone peaks of Halong Bay, a yacht charter to Vietnam is a rare and raw and hugely rewarding experience for all.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Vietnam

Up and Coming Contender

Vietnam may not be the first place that springs to mind when considering far flung yacht charter destinations. However, the country is certainly up and coming for yachties, with news of its first superyacht marina set to be completed. There is a little red tape to navigate and rules on where you can and cannot anchor, but once navigated the rewards are plentiful. The pleasure of discovering a country by superyacht before the fleets arrive makes for an utterly enchanting charter.

Knee Weakening Cuisine

If there is one thing Vietnam is famed for it’s the delectable cuisine. From street hawkers to Michelin starred restaurants – every morsel that passes your lips is sheer delight when taking a yacht charter around Vietnam. The French finesse meets Asian flair sparks imaginative dishes like the beautiful Bahn Mi sandwich, delectable crunchy spring rolls, steaming bowls of pho and sticky sweet rice cakes.

A Raw Destination

Vietnam is raw and razed around the edges and that only adds to the appeal. There are places littered throughout this fascinating slip of a country that haven’t changed in centuries. While the larger cities are backpacker friendly, things still don’t work like clockwork. Everyone barters, the mood is loud, and there are still plenty off the beaten track corners to explore. The challenge of getting further from well-traveled waters comes with an intrepidness that cracks open the chance for sublime moments and spontaneity.

So Many Landscapes

Tropical islands, the ebb and flow of the exotic Mekong Delta, the matriarchal tribes that roam the highlands of Sapa, ancient towns, buzzing cities, and glam beach spots – a yacht charter to Vietnam opens up a whirlwind of different landscapes to embrace and explore. You can hike and cycle through rice fields, take lazy boat tours along jungle flanked rivers, and take your pick from no less than 19 sublime islands near Nha Trang.

Amazing colorful night view of skyscraper and other modern buildings at downtown
Buu Long pagoda at District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Ninh Binh province, Vietnam

Where to Visit in Vietnam

Hoi An

The backwaters of beautiful Hoi An capture a traditional and purely photogenic side of Vietnam. Far from the madding crowds of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, this is your chance to explore the land of bright paper lanterns and sip freshly when coconut water on brilliant white beaches. Yacht charter guests in Vietnam looking to splurge on something special should be sure to visit one of the number of tailors that populate the tightly wound streets. Another impeccable way of discovering the stunning World Heritage town is to rent a bicycle and pedal your way across romantic arched bridges, winding waterways, clucking chickens and colorful market stalls.

Halong Bay

While private yacht charters aren’t allowed to drop anchor in the UNESCO splendor of Halong Bay, you can berth at the nearby anchorages of Quang Ninh and Hon Gai and board a local boat. Cruising the serene emerald waters dotted with towering limestone cliffs is something you won’t forget in a hurry. Choose a small luxury cruise and choose to spend the night on the water; the pleasure of kayaking at sunset, swimming in the secret coves, and ducking into majestic caves is all part of the epic experience of Halong Bay.

Nha Trang

Vietnams major beach destination is setting the scene to be the first superyacht marina in the country. for yacht charters this gives plenty of reason to swing by and check out the buzz of the city before the larger than life superyachts cruise in. Nha Trang brims with Russian tourists who come for the seascapes and stay for the cocktails. There is a cosmopolitan air that skirts beneath the high-rise hotels and glam dining scene. For those eager to escape to the jade green hills that flank this sassy seaside city, renting a motorbike is a must.

Ho Chi Minh

The city of Ho Chi Minh is a sensory overload. This is where the roar of mopeds drowns out all speech, the streets clog with hawkers and locals sipping beer, and the energy is always on a high. Temples sit beneath gleaming skyscrapers and markets congest with fascinating foods and sculpted souvenirs. Head down into the Cu Chi Tunnels that network beneath the city – one of the many remnants of Vietnam’s war torn past. Catch an artsy water puppet show and go gaga over the creamy dark Vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk.

When to Charter a Yacht in Vietnam

Yacht charters to Vietnam need to take the tropical monsoon season into consideration. From May to September the pouring rains will hit the southwest before moving north on their rampage during the months of October to April. Planning your charter course around the monsoon makes for smoother sailing and the chance to bliss out on the country’s amazing beaches.

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