Luxury Yacht Rental in Polynesia

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Polynesia

Never has a place invoked such a cinematic view of Eden than the lore of Polynesia. Land of cracked vanilla pods and dreamy black pearls – yacht charters to Polynesia entice you into a playground of possibility. From the famous stilted bungalows of honeymoon haven Bora Bora to Marlon Brando’s very own private island – this is the land of legends. Surfers, dreamers, sailors, and lovers of luxury will all find barefoot euphoria on these silky pink sands.

Beautiful Bora Bora sunset sunrise on the beach, with palm trees, mountains background
Over and under the sea near the shore of a lush wild coast with a school of tropical fish underwater split by waterline, Huahine island, Pacific ocean, French Polynesia
Villas in a tropical resort and with palm trees reflected in the ocean during sunset

Why Charter a Yacht to Polynesia

Rare Culture

Speaking of rare finds –Polynesian culture is as exotic as it gets. Pearl farms, fire dances, ancient tattoo techniques, dancing, and dining; those on a yacht charter through these fair islands are sure to have their anthropological fill. Local produce is also at its highest premium here; from wild hibiscus to flaked fish, every morsel of these islands is a sensory delight.

Watersports Galore

Surfing, snorkeling, diving – Polynesia cracks open endless possibilities for getting wet and wild. The shallow dive sites of Rangiroa and Fakarava in Tahiti are said to be some of the best in the world inviting you to come face to face with black tip sharks and rainbow bright shoals. The island of Tahiti is also famed for its fabulous surf breaks, Rangiroa means vast sky and has the surf to match, and Moorea has magical peaks. Polynesia gets the same wave play as Hawaii, only a few days later – be sure to bring your board.

Remote Beauty

A yacht charter to Polynesia will showcase some of the world’s finest secret anchorages. Imagine soft blue lagoons, deserted bleached strips of sand, and coral reefs glowing for miles. From tiny habited spots like Toau with only a handful of residents to the Tiputa Pass where bottlenose dolphins skim alongside the boat – rare, unrefined, and remote captures the mood of French Polynesia.

Overwater Bungalows at dusk, French Polynesia
Marquesas Islands, Nuku Hiva. Notre Dame Cathedral. French Polynesia.
Anchored yacht by the lonely beach. Island Moorea. French Polynesia

What to See in Polynesia

Bora Bora

Beautiful Bora Bora is the one to watch. While most of the overwater bungalows are filled with lovestruck couples, yacht charter guests will still find plenty of peace and serenity on the soft lagoons. It’s worth stepping ashore for one night to sleep in the stilted luxury homes that hang over the blue waters. Other than sleeping in stilted bliss, head for the beach of Matira and go hiking up the verdant trails of Mount Otemanu.


Tahiti may be free of long white beaches but her endless lagoons make her a sailor’s delight. The vision of green clad peaks framing turquoise colors and tumbling falls is enough to blow your mind on day one. Delve a little deeper and discover the primal pleasures of the Vaima Pool with its healing touch, whale watching safaris, and spring gardens that froth with color. Visit the waterfront capital of Papa’ete to soak up the buzzing culture before returning to your yacht charter for supper beneath the stars.


Near vertical peaks, lush mountains, and those iridescent lagoons you have been dreaming of – Moorea is a place of magic. The sand beaches here are lunar white and the whole vibe is a lot less touristy than the sister island of Tahiti. If you want to step off your yacht then rent a bicycle and take to the trails that weave around the island, stopping every few miles for a fresh coconut water. Visit the Tiki Village and witness legends come to life in the guise of local song and dance as you feast on local dishes. Finally, anchor offshore and plunge into the blue to swim alongside mantas and sharks.

When to Charter a Yacht in Polynesia

The sweet months between June and August are the best times to consider chartering a yacht in Polynesia. During these weeks, the weather is dry, bright, and balmy sitting comfortably between late 20’s and 30’s. November to April bring tropical showers and a slightly higher level of humidity, the latter which will encourage you to stay in the water all day.

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