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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide To Montenegro

A Montenegro yacht charter vacation is one of the most intriguing sailing experiences in the Adriatic Sea.

A true hidden gem of Europe, Montenegro may be tiny, but the charm of its sun-kissed shores, picturesque towns and villages, and sapphire-blue sea rivals that of the Croatian Coast.

Ancient seafaring towns harking back to Roman and Venetian times, the natural beauty of Montenegro's coast, complete with perfect white sand beaches and scuba diving sites, and exclusive beach clubs boasting St Tropez vibes make Montenegro an exceptional destination for a sailing holiday.

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Castle on Island on the lake in Montenegro
View of luxury yacht marina in the Adriatic - Porto Montenegro . Bay of Kotor, Tivat, Montenegro
Canvas chairs on the beach

Reasons To Charter A Yacht In Montenegro

From the jaw-dropping views of Kotor Bay resembling a Norwegian fjord, the Hollywood fame of Sveti Stefan frequented by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor in the eighties, and the effortless glamor of Porto Montenegro to quaint finishing villages and countless UNESCO World Heritage sites, Montenegro is best experienced from a deck of a private yacht.

Exploring its wild coastline, the Adriatic Sea islands, and historic towns bearing Venetian legacy, along with Montenegro’s vibrant bar and restaurant scene and delicious cuisine, is a true sailing adventure with a touch of glamor.

Below, you’ll find our favorite reasons to go on an unforgettable Montenegro yacht charter sailing trip:

UNESCO World Heritage Site Treasures

Boasting Illyrian, Roman, Ottoman, Spanish, Venetian, and Balkan heritage, Montenegro is a treasure trove when it comes to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The stunning Bay of Kotor and the town of Kotor, a medieval Adriatic Sea port, are steeped in rich history and surrounded by awe-inspiring nature.

The lofty Venetian forts on the coastline offer a glimpse into what the Adriatic seafaring routes might have looked like hundreds of years ago, while the Durmitor National Park on Montenegro’s mainland hides veiled treasures where the Tara River Canyon cuts as deep as the Grand Canyon and wild wolves roam in the forests.

Incredible Views

Montenegro is a land hemmed by dark green mountains and sapphire-blue waters dotted with terracotta-clad rooftops, bleached white stone, and ancient spires.

The jagged coastline often feels like a stretch of untouched wilderness, and the tiny, rocky islets offer quiet anchorages away from the crowds.

From stumbling upon secret monasteries to watching the sun sink behind the shimmering blue Adriatic waters, a yacht charter in Montenegro is full of moments that will take your breath away.

Beautiful Beaches

While tour books rave about the beaches in neighboring Croatia, Montenegro packs a punch when it comes to perfect white sand, beautiful bays, and turquoise waters.

There are more than 170 beaches and bays in Montenegro, varying from wild strips of sand and pebbles to exclusive beach clubs featuring 5-star resort services, cocktail hours, and carefree sunbathing in style.

Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or a chance to see and be seen, chartering a private yacht in Montenegro is the best way to soak up the Adriatic sun.

Hidden Gems

As one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, Montenegro serves up surprises at every turn.

Natural beauty and dramatic scenery aside, Montenegro boasts Ibiza-style living in Porto Montenegro and high-end dining on Sveti Stefan while retaining the bohemian atmosphere of Budva and Positano-like charm of Perast.

SPA and wellness capital Herceg Novi will accommodate charter yacht guests looking to unwind and relax, Kotor will charm history and culture buffs, and the leisurely beach living will provide plenty of sun-drenched bliss in between.

Kotor in a beautiful summer day, Montenegro
Ulcinj old town fortress with purple after sunset light. Adriatic sea at night in Montenegro.
Castle on Island on the lake in Montenegro

Where To Visit In Montenegro

Although it’s possible to hit most of the highlights during a one-week charter trip, some of the destinations on the Montenegrin coast are a must.

Nature lovers will appreciate the Bay of Kotor and the Blue Cave adventures, foodies will love the local cuisine in Budva, and partygoers will enjoy the flash and glam of Porto Montenegro and the Almara Beach Club.

To help you map out a Montenegro yacht charter itinerary, here are some of our favorite destinations to choose from:

Bay of Kotor

Set against the backdrop of brooding mountains and clinging to the edge of the Adriatic, the Bay of Kotor is sigh-in-delight beautiful. Often compared to the Geiranger Fjord in Norway, the bay is a striking creation of nature, attracting sailing yachts and luxury yachts alike.

Easily one of the most beautiful bays in Europe, Kotor is surrounded by ancient towns steeped in rich history and heritage, the magnificent city walls of Kotor, and fantastic views in every direction.

Most yacht charters use the Bay of Kotor as one of the starting points to visit Montenegro because of its spectacular scenery, the spellbinding Old Town of Kotor, and the delicious local cuisine of freshly caught seafood.


For those looking to escape touristy areas, Perast, a dreamy coastal town in the Bay of Kotor, is a great place to explore.

The famous Our Lady of the Rocks church on water, Baroque architecture, and Venetian palaces are a sight to behold, and the car-free village offers some peace and quiet combined with old-world charm.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, a tiny, postcard-perfect island of fabulous villas, pink sand, and turquoise hues, started out as a small fishing village.

In the fifties, it was turned into an island hotel and served as a holiday refuge for Hollywood megastars like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren in the 80s.

Now, the island is exclusively owned by the Aman Resorts hotel group, and only hotel guests are welcome – but you can still drop anchor and book a table at the hotel restaurant to admire the views and sample local delicacies.


The medieval magic of Budva never fails to inspire with its atmospheric Stara Grad and its energetic beach scene.

If you’ve hired a boat in Montenegro, visiting Budva is a must: besides the historical sights, Budva is famous for its trendy restaurants, lively bars, and vibrant nightlife.

Sometimes dubbed Little Miami, Budva is a fantastic stopover for visitors looking to let their hair down and explore the local culture.

Porto Montenegro

Popular among jet setters and superyacht guests, Porto Montenegro is poised to rival the shores of Monaco. While it may not quite reach iconic status just yet, this award-winning marina is making a splash in the yachting world.

Luxury yachts line up beside a glitzy five-star hotel where spa pampering and first-class dining are on the cards.

Chic boutiques, a designer shop village, and countless bars and restaurants make up the local scene, complete with fashion shows, wine tastings, and live music concerts.

Almara Beach Club, Lustica Bay

A short sail from Porto Montenegro, Almara is the country’s most exclusive beach club offering an exquisite Mediterranean menu, seaside cocktails and music, sun-kissed golden beaches, and regional wines.

Almara Beach Club is an ideal getaway for a little taste of St Tropez, Balkan-style.

Herceg Novi

Bordering Croatia, Herceg Novi is a fourteenth-century Illyrian settlement called “The City of Sun” by the locals, thanks to its sunny weather and a lively arts scene.

Boasting a magnificent Old Town where the Ottoman, Venetian, Spanish, and Balkan influences can still be felt, the famous Savina Winery, excellent for wine tasting, and several luxurious SPA and wellness centers, Herceg Novi is a fantastic stop serving as the gateway into Kotor.

The nearby Blue Cave - a stunning sea grotto of otherworldly rock formations and shimmering hues of blue – is another must-see along the way.


A small town on the southern tip of Montenegro’s Balkan peninsula, Ulcinj boasts the best beaches in Montenegro, a quirky downtown, and a distinctly Eastern atmosphere.

During the high season, Ulcijn serves as a more relaxed spot away from the crowds, and the nearby Skadar Lake makes for an excellent inland destination to discover fairytale-like nature, island monasteries, and unspoiled mountain scenery in one of Europe's most pristine national parks.

Charter Yacht Montenegro: Weather

Montenegro enjoys a long sailing season from April to September, although the summer months of July and August see the best weather and higher temperatures. 25-30 C, and sunny days remain consistent from mid-June through to mid-September.

Unlike nearby Croatia, Montenegro is not yet overwhelmed by charter yacht crowds, and even in the high season, marinas and bays in Montenegro aren’t overbooked.

Traveling to Montenegro

Although Montenegro is not a member of the European Union yet, this small country is an independent state in the Balkans, boasting easy access to the major sailing ports in the Adriatic.

International Airports

There are two international airports to travel to Montenegro: one in the country’s capital Podgorica and an international airport in Tivat, right next to the Bay of Kotor. Both airports serve international flights from major European countries.

Alternatively, the nearby Dubrovnik airport in Croatia serves a larger number of international flights worldwide.

Montenegro Yacht Charter Cost

Montenegro charter yachts can cost anywhere between €15,000 - €200,000 per week, although more luxurious superyacht rentals can go as high as €800,000 and beyond.

The price of a yacht charter in Montenegro will depend on the boat’s size, the number of crew, and the onboard amenities available.

Duration of Boat Rentals in Montenegro

Generally, a one-week yacht rental in Montenegro is the most popular as it's possible to cruise the entire length of the country's coast within a week going at a leisurely pace.

If you're hoping to include nearby Croatia in your itinerary, on the other hand, a two or three-week boat rental might be your best bet.

Alternative Montenegro Yacht Charter Destinations

While Montenegro is an intriguing sailing destination – and one that’s guaranteed to inspire a sense of adventure - there’s more to the Adriatic if you have the time.

Including Croatia in your yacht rental itinerary can add some flavor and spice: its sun-kissed islands, picturesque coastal villages, and the storybook-perfect cities of Dubrovnik, Split, and Sibenik will enhance your Adriatic cruise experience.

Montenegro Yacht Charter: FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht in Montenegro?

Montenegro charter yachts can cost anywhere between €15,000 - €200,000 per week, although more luxurious superyacht rentals can go as high as €800,000 and beyond.

The price of a yacht charter in Montenegro will depend on the boat’s size, the number of crew, and the onboard amenities available.

The yachting season in Europe starts around May and ends around September. In the Mediterranean, the yachting season can be between May and October, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean locations such as Cyprus.

In Montenegro, the yachting season is June-September, with the high season peaking in July and August.

The biggest yacht that can be accommodated in Porto Montenegro is Azzam, a 590-foot megayacht that’s currently the largest in the world. Porto Montenegro sports a Platinum-rated marina of 450 berths and is one of the few marinas in the world capable of hosting large superyachts of up to 700+ feet.

Renting a 100ft yacht can cost between €60,000 - €100,000 a week, although more luxurious motor yachts of 100ft or more can cost €100,000 - €150,000 a week and more.