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Land of olive groves, siren songs, ancient temples, and paradise beaches – a luxury yacht charter around the Greek Islands captures the epitome of a Mediterranean summer.

From the cradle of Western civilization to pristine natural islands, turquoise water, the party spirit of Mykonos, and the boho-chic atmosphere of Athens, this region has it all if you’re considering a yacht charter in Greece.

On the Western shores of the Greek Mediterranean, the scenic Ionian Islands offer the natural beauty of secret coves, tranquil beaches accessible by boat only (yes, that means you’ll likely have the place to yourself!), and crystal clear waters inviting for a dip as well as Corfu’s high-end shopping experiences and the Venetian heritage of Zakynthos.

On the Eastern side, the Dodecanese Islands and the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea boast breathtaking cliffs plunging into the water and the white and blue walls of Santorini, recently voted one of the most romantic places in the world along Paris and Venice.

The ideal combination of unspoiled nature, calm blue waters, historic sights, and mouth-watering cuisine, Greece makes for an unforgettable charter yacht cruise in the Mediterranean.

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Assos on the Island of Kefalonia in Greece
Paleokastritsa beach. Corfu islands, Greece.

Reasons to Go On A Sailing Vacation in Greece

Sailing and island-hopping on the Greek coast is the ultimate charter yacht experience rivaling that of the Italian Riviera and Cote d’Azur.

Whether you’re considering a motor yacht or a pick of the traditional sailing yachts, Greece offers both luxury and natural beauty, effortlessly merging Greek hospitality, historical sites, and awe-inspiring scenery with a vibrant nightlife scene, upscale resorts, and elite summer destinations boasting designer shopping and fine dining experiences.

Add a selection of upscale marinas and a myriad of fantastic anchorages, a great selection of yacht charters available, and the naturally calm waters of the Ionian and Aegean Seas perfect for sailing, and it’s no wonder Greek yacht charter vacations are highly sought after.

Here are our favorite reasons to visit Greece for a yacht charter vacation:

History of Ancient Greece

You will never tire of hearing the stories, myths, and fables that are at the very core of Greek culture and the foundation of Western civilisation.

From the mythical Odysseus’ birthplace in Ithaka to the ancient ruins, lost cities, the magnificent archeological site of Delos, and the Acropolis of Athens, Greece is Europe’s prime destination when it comes to the wonders of Antiquity.

The extensive World Heritage Sites, crumbling temple ruins, and historical sites are guaranteed to capture your imagination as you enjoy a luxury yacht charter cruise along the Greek shores.

Island Hopping

Greece is the land of a thousand beaches boasting major island chains along with tiny uninhabited islets and paradise shores offering boat access only.

Southern Crete provides some of the best spots for sizzling in the sun, whereas Milos is a diver’s dream for those who want to flipper alongside dolphins and seals.

Wild sea turtles can be seen on the island of Zakynthos, and the island of Rineia – just an hour’s sailing from Mykonos – is completely uninhabited, boasting pristine secluded beaches and tranquility.

The Saronic Islands just across Athens offer easy access to quiet villages and sun-kissed bays for a relaxing day, and the island group in the Ionian Sea is famous for its emerald waters, lush greenery, and beautiful beaches.

Greek Cuisine

A perfect yacht charter holiday isn’t just about nature, luxury, and culture: cuisine matters, too, and Greece is famous for its fabulous food.

Think glugs of organic olive oil, crumbly feta, fresh fish from a boat to grill in seconds, cool tzatziki, and small shots of ouzo to end every meal.

Fresh ingredients, mouthwatering seafood, and an abundance of both Michelin-rated high-end restaurants and traditional taverns create an exquisite dining experience as you traverse the Mediterranean aboard a charter yacht.

Cultural Charm

Greece is a vault of cultural treasures. For yacht charters winding through the waters of the Ionian Sea and beyond, Greece offers a sublime café culture, a daring DIY music and arts scene in Athens, colorful traditional music, and an endless calendar of festivals, exhibitions, and events.

For those looking to explore the world of luxury yachts, the Mediterranean Yacht Show in Napflion (end of April- beginning of May) is a fantastic season-opening event showcasing the best of the yachting lifestyle.

For theater, ancient drama, opera, classical music, and jazz aficionados, Athens Epidaurus Festival (June to August) offers some of the world's best performances and cultural experiences; for nightclubbing and lively social scene, visit Mykonos and Corfu.

Acropolis in Athens,Greece
Stairs from sandy beach of amazing bay on Greece island Kalymnos, Greece
Beautiful view over the sea beach in Corfu island, Pelion, Mylopotamos, Greece

A Guide to the Greek Islands: Best Places to Start

The Greek coast boasts a staggering 6,000 beautiful islands to explore, and choosing between the Ionian, the Saronic Gulf, and the Aegean islands can be a tough call.

Generally, the Ionian Islands are favored by beginner sailors and yacht guests for their calm waters, beautiful beaches, scuba diving, and eclectic nightlife in Corfu and Zakynthos.

The Saronic Gulf is fantastic for exploring Athens, enjoying secluded coves, and visiting enchanting whitewashed towns.

Crete is a popular holiday destination offering stunning landscapes and some of the best beach life in Greece; the Cyclades attract yacht charter holidaymakers who prefer to spend more time sailing.

The Dodecanese Islands bordering Turkey are famous for their Venetian influence and stunning bays, while the Sporades are all about unspoiled nature, cultural sites, and quiet charm.

To help you choose a Greek yacht charter route that’s best suited to your individual preferences, here are some of the best places to start planning your trip:

Athens & the Saronic Gulf

A city within a city, Athens, one of the world's oldest capital cities, is a great starting point to kickstart your yacht charter in Greece.

It's Alimos Marina and Marina Zeas are ideal for charter boats – whether it’s motor yachts, superyachts, or sailing yachts – and the city itself is a bucket list destination bursting with a vibrant arts scene, bohemian energy, live music, and countless historic sites to explore.

Witness the pillars of the Parthenon, lose yourself to the color of the Central Market, and enjoy local cuisine in the oldest neighborhood in the city – the atmospheric Plaka.

Athens Riviera is a great place to moor on mainland Greece and enjoy the golden sands and rocky inlets, along with restaurants and bars on the water offering freshly caught seafood and delicious cocktails.

Talk to your charter team about the best marinas and anchorages around Athens – when it comes to Greek yacht charter experiences, this is one of the best places to start.

Mykonos, Cyclades Islands

The glitziest island in Greece, Mykonos is a must for yacht charter guests wanting to boutique shop, dine harborside, and rub shoulders with A-list celebs.

Hailed as the party island and often compared to Ibiza and St Tropez, Mykonos is a classic stop in the Cyclades Islands. Here, your days are best spent nibbling sushi at the achingly chic Psarou beach, dancing the night away at Cavo Paradiso, and sipping cocktails as you swing your legs in the surf at the Caprice Bar in Chora.

If you haven’t had your fill of ancient history, the marvel of Delos is just across the water.

Santorini, the Aegean Sea

A place famed for having one of the best sunsets in the world, Santorini is the pearl of the Aegean Islands.

Spend the day wandering the tight-knit blue and white streets that climb the hills, take lunch in lovely Oia with its sapphire tiles and vistas that reach all the way down to your yacht anchored in the bay, and sip wine at the ancient Greek vineyards of Domaine Sigalas finishing a remarkable day with a sunset view from the deck of your yacht.

Much like Mykonos, Santorini is one of the most popular destinations for sailing vacations. Its romantic fame, great dining, and beautiful scenery aside, Santorini is a volcanic island perfect for adventure lovers: the water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and Santorini’s Red Beach and White Beach are famous for their colorful volcanic sands.


One of the most enchanting Greek islands, Crete has always been a firm favorite with the charter yacht crowd.

Picture-perfect bays, rugged mountains, and dramatic scenery combined with dreamy little towns and plenty of places to moor and relax on its sun-drenched shores, Crete is a must-see on your Greece yacht charter itinerary.

Legend has it Zeus himself was born in Crete, and locals love regaling visitors with stories of the island’s glorious past, including the ancient Arkadi Monastery, Crete’s symbol of resistance during Ottoman times.

Greek mythology, to a large extent, originates in Crete, and it's a perfect destination for those wanting to combine history, heritage, and scenery with beautiful beaches and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Drop anchor at the jaw-dropping crushed shell beach of Elafonissi, gaze upon the sacred Mount Ida, visit the Palace of Knossos, and enjoy Cretan hospitality and delicious cuisine.

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are one of Greece’s most popular destinations for laidback charter yacht vacations boasting the iconic islands of Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Ithaca.

Known for its crystal blue waters, jaw-dropping scenery, Venetian architecture, and sandy beaches, the Ionian Islands are ideal for a week of leisurely yacht charter sailing.

Corfu’s Old Town is perfect for sightseeing, boutique shopping, and fine dining; the town of Fiskardo in Kelafonia bears a strong resemblance to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and Zakynthos is famous for its awe-inspiring Navagio shipwreck beach surrounded by white cliffs plunging into the turquoise waters.

The Ionian Islands are known for warm, sunny weather and exceptionally calm seas perfect for superyachts and sailboats alike, offering several great marinas and plenty of incredible anchorages to enjoy the views.

Dodecanese Islands

Dodecanese Islands are situated in the Aegean Sea border with Turkey, and due to their unique location, the islands are still mostly unspoiled by mass tourism.

For those seeking privacy, adventure, and pristine nature, the Dodecanese is a true hidden gem: azure waters, sleepy fishing villages, and many islands untouched by holidaying crowds provide a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle.

The island of Rhodes has a large, easily accessible marina, and anchorages among the Dodecanese boast fantastic views, tranquility, and a glimpse of what Greece was like some twenty-thirty years ago, with the locals still favoring sponge fishing over catering to tourist crowds.

If you’re looking for a charter yacht escape to a quiet natural paradise, Dodocanese Islands is one of the best sailing destinations in Greece.

Sporades Islands

Full of character and traditional Greek charm, Sporades Islands lay in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Known for marvelous caves, secluded shores, and lush greenery, Sporades Islands are worth a visit if you prefer starry skies, uninhabited bays, and remote islands. Much like the Dodecanese Islands, the Sporades are perfect for charter yacht guests looking to enjoy unspoiled nature and calm.

The Best Time for Yacht Charter Greece

Chartering a yacht to the Greek Islands during the Mediterranean season guarantees good weather. The southern side of Europe is blessed with long summers, bath-warm waters, and sunny skies. The high-season months for sailing are July and August. The shoulder months of May, June, and September can be exceptional as the crowds subside, but the sun still shines.

Although Greece enjoys mild winters, the sailing season is generally over by November. For the more adventurous souls, chartering a yacht in Greece during winter is technically possible, but bear in mind there is less support for boats on most of the islands.

Greece Yacht Charter Options: Organizing Your Sailing Vacation

Greece yacht charter choices are as varied as the country’s scenery and culture: from bareboat sailing vessels and traditional wooden gullets to superyachts, there’s no shortage of charter options in the Ionian and Aegean Seas.

Skippered and crewed yachts are the most popular choice. Chartering a crewed boat eliminates the hassle of organizing and planning your trip: all you need to do is show up at the marina, where your fully equipped and skippered yacht will be ready for sailing. No need to look into mooring fees, book ports and marinas in advance, or worry about logistics.

Most charter teams are also happy to provide on-shore entertainment and activities or tailor your sailing vacation to your specific requirements, whether it’s a romantic sailing voyage for two, a party boat experience, or a family holiday.

Cost of Yacht Charter: Greece

The cost of Greek charter yachts can range from €25,000 to €500,000 and upward per week. First and foremost, it depends on the type of boat you’re renting: sailing yacht charters start at around €500 a day depending on the boat’s size and crew, although some of the top yachts may cost as much as €50,000 and more per day.

Motor yachts are typically more expensive, with pricing ranging from €30,000 to 1 million and more a week, again depending on the size of the boat and crew.

Traditional gulets cost similar to motor yachts but provide a unique sailing experience with a large guest capacity.

Generally, expect to pay around €50,000 per week for a charter yacht accommodating a large group (five to eight guests) and crew.

Greece yacht charter prices also depend on the onboard amenities, your specific requirements, and the duration of sailing.

Best Mooring Locations in Greece

Greece is a true sailor’s paradise offering countless marinas and anchorages to choose from. Below, you’ll find some of the best marinas ideal for charter yachts of any size:

Alimos Marina in Athens is the largest in Greece, with 1,064 berths, capable of hosting yachts up to 40 meters. Close to the city center and airport, Alimos Marina is a great starting point for a charter yacht holiday.

Marina Zeas is an upscale superyacht marina accommodating up to 670 berths for boats up to 150 meters. Boasting a history that runs deep – it was once a naval base where the famous Greek trireme fleets were built – Marina Zeas was completely modernized for the 2004 Olympics and is a favorite among superyacht charters.

Lefkas Marina in Lefkada is one of the best-equipped marinas in Greece, boasting a capacity of 620 berths for boats up to 45 meters.

Sani Marina in the Aegean has been dubbed Greece’s little Monaco for its five-star services catering to luxury yachts. The marina is capable of hosting 215 boats up to 33 meters.

Rhodes Marina has modern facilities and easy access to the town of Rhodes, making it a great starting point for charter yacht routes in the Aegean and Mediterranean. This is the only marina in Greece capable of hosting superyachts up to 120 meters.

Mooring fees in Greece vary greatly depending on the season and whether you're docking in public ports or private marinas. On average, mooring fees can range from €30 to €80 an upwards per night.

Greece Yacht Charter Holidays: Start Planning Your Trip

If you’re planning to visit Greece for a sailing vacation, you’re in for a rare treat. From the scenic Ionian Sea and the magic of Navagio Beach, the stunning Cyclades, and the luxurious beach life in Crete to the more tranquil Dodecanese Islands, Greece is a prime sailing destination with some of the best yachts available for charter.

To avoid the hassle and stress of organizing your trip, charter a crewed boat with a tailor-made itinerary for the ultimate Greece sailing experience and enjoy the best that the country has to offer from a deck of a yacht.

Greece Yacht Charter FAQs

What You Need to Know

Yacht charters in Greece are becoming increasingly popular because of the rare combination of amazing scenery, fantastic weather, rich heritage, cuisine, luxury lifestyle, and pristine nature. To enjoy the very best of your charter yacht vacation in Greece, here are a few useful tips to help you plan your Ionian or Aegean adventure.

Greece has so much to offer it’s best to plan at least a week of sailing – that’s a fairly standard charter yacht holiday duration in the Mediterranean. On the other hand, two or three weeks would allow you to explore most of the islands at a leisurely pace without cramming too much in your itinerary: after all, sailing is about taking it slowly and soaking up the experiences as they come instead of rushing from one must-see location to another.

Sailing in Greece is a relaxing experience, especially if you charter a yacht in the Ionian Sea or the Saronic Gulf known for mild weather and calm seas.

The Cyclades Islands are sometimes affected by the notoriously strong Meltemi winds during summer months, and the Aegean Sea can be a little capricious in July and August; however, if you charter a skippered or a crewed yacht, a professional skipper will make sure to navigate according to local weather conditions and provide a fantastic sailing experience for you and your charter guests.