Luxury Yacht Rental in Turkey

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Turkey

Turkey truly is a land of riches. From the fascinating mash up of east meets west in Istanbul to the dreamy beaches that punctuate the mountainous Turquoise Coast, yacht charters sailing these exotic lands will find a wealth of fine cuisine, historic sites, and late-night party spots to keep their spirits high. The highlights of Turkey are too many to list; plunging into the lagoon of Oludeniz, being scrubbed senseless in a Turkish hammam, tiptoeing barefoot through the Blue Mosque, and dining on Anatolian delights in small fishing villages along the coast. For yacht charters looking to the fringes of Europe, Turkey will tantalize the senses.

amazing sunrise at ortakoy mosque in istanbul, turke
Kizil Kule tower in Alanya peninsula, Antalya district, Turkey
Bodrum street view in Turkey

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Turkey

Uncrowded Anchorages

While the shores of the French and Italian Rivieras can be saturated in sails come the summer months, Turkey remains an off the radar little gem. Sure, some ports of call will have the lively buzz, but along the Turquoise Riviera there are plenty of amazing anchorages that aren’t stuffed full of superyachts. Luxury charter guests wanting space and serenity will find room to breathe in Turkey.

The Turquoise Riviera

Blue flag beaches backed by velvet green mountains is the scene to be expected down on the Turquoise Coast. Marmaris and Antalya are two of the major tourist hubs for those wanting to find sun-kissed bliss beside the sea. As this area of Turkey is well tailored for tourists, yacht charter guests can expect amazing restaurants, stunning spa escapes, and all the amenities they need for an amazing adventure.

The Hottest Yacht Spots

Be sure to pack your dancing shoes when setting sail on a yacht charter to Turkey. The shores of Marmaris and Gocek are famed for their illustrious nightlife scene. From hitting the jampacked drinking holes on Bar Street in Marmaris to lingering with cocktails at the Q Lounge in Gocek, you can take your pick of heady hedonistic vibes or laid-back lounges with champagne in hand.

Evocative History

Jaw dropping architecture, ancient tombs, amazing mosques, and tatters of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empire all come together to turn the Turkish countryside and coast into a smorgasbord of historical fascination. There are endless sites to visit for those who want to feast on fables from the past. From sunken cities to ghost villages and markings of the silk road – prepare to be blown away by the weight of Turkey’s past.

Marmaris Castle
Old town (Kaleici) in Antalya, Turkey
Port with sightseeing boats, beautiful scenery, Resort town Side in Turkey

Where to Visit in Turkey


The collision of east meets west is a mind melting exotic spot to kickstart your yacht charter around Turkey. Split in two by the flowing blue waters of the Bosporus, you can peel back the onion like layers to discover byzantine riches, ottoman architecture, roman ruins and pieces of a Persian jigsaw puzzle. Admire the staggering sight of the sixth century Aya Sofya, wander the lush courtyards of the Topkapi Palace, be dazzled by the Blue Mosque and fall in love with the clash and chaos of the local bazaars.


The turquoise coast of Turkey is littered with many hidden retreats, but Marmaris isn’t one of them. The loud and proud seaside resort offers all shades of decadence. While the harbor and the castle certainly deliver a vision of prettiness, it’s the buzz of the thriving restaurant scene and beach clubs brimming with beautiful people that will keep you up past the dawn. Those who want to look beyond the party scene will find pure tranquility snorkeling in the blue and the Carian Rock Tombs make for a fascinating day trip.


A bountiful blue base for yacht charters on the Turquoise Coast, Fethiye has it all. Yacht charter guests seeking pale white and sapphire coves will be enchanted by the nearby Oludeniz Lagoon where fragrant forests flank the remarkably beautiful beach scene. History lovers will also be in their element exploring Fethiye where Lycian tombs and sarcophagi litter the surroundings. The roman amphitheater throws another shade of history on the palate, and if you head inland for 30km you will find traditional teahouses lining the deep cut gorge of the Akdaǧlar Range.


Yacht charters looking for a real slice of Turkish life will be awestruck by Kekova. The still waters, the rocky bluffs, and the sunsets that flood the evening sky set the perfect mise-en-scene for adventure. Dive down and discover the sunken ruins of an underwater city, take endless photographs of the pastel houses sitting on the harbor, take the kayak out, and step ashore to sip dark and sweet Turkish coffee.

When to Charter a Yacht in Turkey

Plan your trip to Turkey around the Mediterranean yacht charter season. Despite being mild, winters will still be too chilly to enjoy the dramatic highlights of the Turkish coast. Instead visiting between May and September will showcase that sultry side to this lyrical land of turquoise seas and golden olive groves. Summers in Marmaris can be busy, so guests looking for a quieter escape can consider the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn.

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