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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide To Turkey

A mesmerizing crossroads of the East and the West, Turkey is a spellbinding yacht charter destination promising Byzantine heritage, sandy white beaches on the Turquoise Coast, age-old cities reminiscent of ancient empires, and an extravagant social life of Bodrum and Marmaris.

Whether you’re looking for an exotic adventure in the East, a leisurely cruise in a Turkish gulet soaking up the sun, or a journey filled with cultural experiences, a Turkey yacht charter vacation is a unique way to explore Eastern Mediterranean.

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amazing sunrise at ortakoy mosque in istanbul, turke
Kizil Kule tower in Alanya peninsula, Antalya district, Turkey
Bodrum street view in Turkey

Reasons To Charter A Yacht In Turkey

The Turkish coast is as diverse as it is spectacular: from stretches of wild, unspoiled nature, quiet coves, and green mountains hugging the sea to the shimmering blue hues of the Turkish Riviera and countless sun-kissed beaches, sailing Turkey is an escape into the seas less traveled.

On the other hand, the bustling resort towns of Gocek and Marmaris promise plenty of high-end shopping, fine dining, and elite resort experiences matching those of the French Riviera and Monaco.

For those looking to experience the melting pot of ancient Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman heritage, discover historical landmarks, and explore colorful Eastern bazaars, Istanbul, Dalyan, and Fethiye offer a journey back in time.

Below, we list some of the most notable favorite Turkey yacht charter highlights:

Uncrowded Anchorages

While the shores of the West Mediterranean can be saturated in sails during the summer months, Turkey remains an off-the-radar gem.

Some of the more popular ports of call will have a lively buzz, the Turkish Riviera has plenty of amazing anchorages offering space and serenity for luxury charter yacht guests looking to escape the crowds.

Pristine Nature

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey spans over 1,600 miles boasting some of Europe’s most pristine beaches, national parks, and hundreds of islands.

Pine-covered hills, white sand, and nesting sea turtles abound here, and unlike the more crowded Greek or Italian shores, the Turkish coastline is still largely unspoiled.

The Turkish Riviera

Home to 600 miles of beautiful beaches, chic summer resorts, and two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Turkish Riviera is a jewel in the East Mediterranean.

Legend has it that Mark Anthony himself, mesmerized by the natural beauty of the Turquoise Coast, gifted it to Cleopatra as a wedding present.

Surrounded by the dramatic backdrop of the Taurus Mountains, the azure waters of the Turkish Riviera lap at white sand beaches and bays, many of them accessible by sea only.

Dotted by ancient Roman ruins and the remnants of Cleopatra’s Roman baths, the region boasts countless architectural wonders and historical landmarks to explore.

Superyacht Marinas

There’s no shortage of upscale marinas in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey has some of the best superyacht marinas in Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye, capable of accommodating large motor yachts and luxury gulets alike.

Complete with high-end hotels, bars, restaurants, and a lively nightlife scene, Turkish marinas offer dazzling city breaks and luxurious resort experiences during a Turkey yacht charter sailing trip.

Rich History and Heritage

Jaw-dropping architecture, tombs of ancient Kings, Eastern mosques, and ancient ruins harking back to the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires all come together to turn the Turkish countryside and coast into a smorgasbord of historical fascination.

No yacht charter in Turkey would be complete without visiting Hagia Sophia, the Temple of Artemis, the Dalyan ruins, or the archeological sites ranging from sunken cities and ghost villages to the old markings of the Silk Road.

Even if you aren’t a history buff, Turkey’s rich and layered past inspires a sense of adventure and a touch of Eastern mysteries as you sail the East Mediterranean on a private yacht.

Marmaris Castle
Old town (Kaleici) in Antalya, Turkey
Port with sightseeing boats, beautiful scenery, Resort town Side in Turkey

Where To Visit In Turkey

Luxury yachts sailing around Turkey will find no shortage of spectacular destinations.

Whether it’s Istanbul’s famous Bosphorus connecting the Marmara and the Black Sea, the sunny beaches of Antalya province, the sunken city of Kekova, or the tranquil beauty of the less-visited Turkish coast where you can drop anchor in the calm waters and enjoy the nature, a sailing vacation in the East Mediterranean has got it all.

Here are some of our favorite destinations in Turkey for an unforgettable yacht charter itinerary:


An ideal starting point for a Turkish yacht charter, the ancient city of Istanbul is the Byzantine Jerusalem, where the East collides with the West in an explosion of sights, colors, and smells.

Straddling the Bosphorus Strait, the continental divide between Europe and Asia, Istanbul blends two worlds on a mind-boggling scale.

The ancient Byzantine cathedral of Hagia Sophia and the opposing Blue Mosque, the rich Roman heritage absorbed by the Ottoman culture, the lush courtyards of the Topkapi Palace, and the old walls of former Constantinople make Istanbul a magnificent city of history and culture dating back thousands of years.

Whether it’s exploring the city’s marvelous historical landmarks and the colorful Grand Bazaar or experiencing its vibrant nightlife in the rooftop bars lining the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a truly captivating place to discover.

In addition to its historical and cultural splendor, Istanbul is also a modern city boasting several upscale marinas capable of accommodating motor yacht charters and sailing yachts alike.


Although luxury resorts on the shores of the Mediterranean seas abound, Marmaris stands out as a seaside resort offering all shades of decadence.

Fine restaurants and the buzz of nightclubs, bars, and beach clubs in Marmaris, along with a laidback European atmosphere, attract sailing yachts and luxury gulets alike, and its lush green bay provides a stunning backdrop for the confluence of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.

For those seeking tranquility, the nearby Carian Rock Tombs make for a fascinating day trip, while snorkeling opportunities in the bay provide a welcome break to enjoy water sports.


Set just a stone’s throw from the Greek island of Kos, Bodrum was once the ancient city of Halicarnassus, known for its olive groves and whitewashed villas drowning in bougainvillea.

The Halicarnassus Mausoleum was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and its ruins are still visible in Bodrum.

History and heritage aside, Bodrum is often called the Turkish Santorini because of its Greek-style architecture, lively nightlife scene, and the vibe of an elite summer resort. No wonder the city attracts exclusive yachts during the high season when the weather is at its sunniest and when Bodrum is a place to see and be seen.

For those seeking peace and quiet, Bodrum offers easy access to nearby islands, perfect white beaches, and coves boasting crystal-clear turquoise waters for swimming and snorkeling.


A bountiful blue base for luxury yacht charters on the Turquoise Coast, Fethiye is best known for its stunning bay, pristine sand beaches untouched by overdevelopment, a sea turtle population, and white and sapphire coves of the breathtaking Oludeniz Lagoon.

Full of quaint charm and a beautiful beach scene, Fethiye is ideal for culinary adventures – its famous fish market and delicious local cuisine are a must for foodies – as well as historic sites, excellent hiking on the Lycian Way, and buzzing nightlife.


One of the most popular destinations for sailing vacations, Kekova is a stunning island famous for its rocky bluffs, the ruins of a sunken city, and pastel houses lining the harbor.

Yacht charter guests looking for a sun-drenched idyll in the East Med will find Kekova a great place to relax, enjoy a kayaking trip, and sample local delicacies ashore.


Another gem for history buffs, the city of Dalyan on the banks of the Dalyan River is brimming with historical and cultural wonders.

Known for the ruins of the magnificent ancient city of Kaunos and the rock tombs of Lycian kings, Dalyan is an adventure destination offering water sports, mud baths, beautiful views of the Dalyan delta, and a protected loggerhead turtle population.

Antalya Province

Sometimes compared to the Amalfi Coast, the shores of Antalya deliver the best of the Mediterranean.

Sublime beaches, exclusive resorts and beach clubs, crystal-clear turquoise waters, palm-lined promenades, and marinas hosting superyachts and luxury gulets make Antalya a prime sailing destination for the ultimate summer holiday atmosphere.

Add world-class cuisine, live music venues, and downtown cocktail bars, and it’s easy to see why Antalya is sometimes compared to Mallorca and Ibiza.

When To Charter A Yacht In Turkey

Some Turkish yacht charter destinations like Marmaris see great weather year-round. Still, for the most part, the sailing season in Turkey is between May and November – one of the longest in the Mediterranean seas.

Expect dry summers and temperatures of around 30C and above in June, July, and August—water temperatures in Turkey average around 25C.

Shoulder months of spring and fall are better for charter yacht holidays without the tourist crowds, and nearby Cyprus can be a great addition for earlier or later times as the sun here shines 340 days of the year.

Turkey Yacht Charter Options: Sailing Yachts, Motor Yachts, and Luxury Gulets

If you’re considering a sailing trip around Turkey, the three most popular options are sailing, motor, and gulet yachts. It's best to look for crewed boat options - this way, you won't need to deal with the logistics or the hassle of planning the navigation, provisions, or marina fees, and no sailing license is required.

Each yacht type has its own unique pros and cons, depending on your expectations, sailing experience, and individual preferences.

Sailing yachts

Sailboats are a popular yacht hire for those looking for adventure, romance, and an authentic sailing experience. On sailing yachts, the only sound is the water lapping at the hull and the sails straining against the wind, and some sailing aficionados will argue a sailboat lends to a more genuine, traditional experience than a motor yacht.

In addition, sailing yacht rentals typically come at more affordable prices since they’re cheaper to run and maintain.

On the other hand, sailboats have smaller decks and less deck space in general, which can limit your onboard entertainment options.

Motor Yachts

Motor yacht charter offers a more comfortable and luxurious sailing experience.

Bigger decks, comfortable cabins, and a professional skipper and crew attending to your every need mean a more deluxe trip complete with water toys, onboard entertainment options, and a larger guest capacity. Motor yachts are ideal for leisurely cruising; some, like catamarans, offer easy access to the water for swimming and snorkeling.

Luxury Gulet Charter

If you’re looking to rent a boat in Turkey with plenty of local character, a Gulet charter is your best bet. Gulets are traditional Turkish wooden motor yachts popular in the East Mediterranean. Most luxury gulet boats offer generous deck space, large cabins, and amenities like onboard bars, Jacuzzis, and more.

A luxury gulet charter in Turkey is as authentic as it gets – these vessels have been traditionally built in Bodrum and Marmaris for hundreds of years.

Yacht Charter in Turkey: Costs

Yacht rental prices in Turkey, whether you're chartering a catamaran, a sailboat, or a luxury gulet, mainly depend on the size of the vessel. Typically, a Turkish gulet will cost anywhere between $12,000 - $20,000 a week, although the larger, more luxurious boats can cost $150,000 and upward per week.

Yacht Charter in Turkey: FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Luxury Yacht?

Luxury yacht rental prices in Turkey mainly depend on the size of the vessel. Typically, a Turkish gulet will cost anywhere between €12,000 - €20,000 a week, although the larger, more luxurious boats can cost €150,000 and upward per week.

Typically, Mediterranean yacht charters include the yacht hire, insurance, and crew. Some luxury yacht charters also include fuel, port and marina fees, as well as food and beverages; however, often, the food and drink costs, along with fuel and port fees, are paid via the Advance Provisioning Allowance which is an extra fee.

A yacht charter is typically all-inclusive, although the charter company may charge extra for things like water toys, personalized onboard entertainment, gourmet food, and the like.

A gulet in Turkey is a classic Turkish wooden boat traditionally built in Bodrum and Marmaris, although nowadays, they’re equally popular in Greece and Croatia. A gulet is usually 20-55 meters in size and has up to eight cabins accommodating 6-16 people; luxury gulets are powered mainly by a motor and are an excellent choice for a charter vacation in Turkey.

The Turkish gulet originates from the Ottoman era when wooden boats were used for fishing and transport. Since 1980s, Turkish gulets have become increasingly popular as tourist vessels and charter yachts as they provide ample deck and cabin space and are ideal for a luxurious sailing experience.