Luxury Yacht Rental in Java

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Java

While Bali may get the glut of tourism, Java manages to keep clear of the heavy commercialism and crowds granting yacht charter guests a more authentic experience of Indonesia. A lush island littered with hissing volcanic peaks and ancient temples, pearly archipelagos, and dripping rainforests where exotic bird sound serves as the never ceasing backdrop, Java is a world of natural joy. Yet, this island doesn’t rest on its laurels, thriving cities like Jakarta bring heaps of modern energy to the table ensuring that Java earns its accolades as a place where anything is possible.

Aerial view of a waterfall, at Ciparay Waterfall
Floating market in Lembang district
The Bromo volcano is hot valcano in sunrise time

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Java

Amazing Archipelagos

Incredible archipelagos pave the way for sailing and sublime island hopping in Java. Marine conservation parks offer endless mangroves for kayaking, clear waters for snorkelling bright coral beds, and slips of silicone sand for sitting and watching the light dance. There are incredible dive sites scattered where you can duck down beneath the surface and explore sunken ships and wrecks.

A Cultural Force

A tour de force for getting a closer look at the colourful culture of Indonesia, Java provides plenty of scope for food, dance, and festivals. Yogyakarta is considered to be the epicentre of cultural cool. Take a traditional cooking class, watch a performance of Javanese dance, and explore the bright and bustling marketplace to spend up a storm on intricate Batik prints.

UNESCO Treasures

Java is home to a whole host of UNESCO heritage sites. Take a motorcycle ride and witness sunrise skies over the majestic Borobudur Temple. Dating as far back as the 9th century, this intricate Buddhist temple has been compared to the might and splendour of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. Down in the lush lowlands you can hit up the Ujung Kulon National Park where the endangered Javan rhino roams. History lovers should head down to Sangrian for its important archaeological site where some of the first fossils for studying man were found.

Buddist temple Borobudur at sunset. Yogyakarta
Contemporer sunda dance.
Beautiful Jogan waterfall falling to the ocean, Java, Indonesia

Where to Visit in Java


Sublime, sprawling, and an endless sea of traffic and people and vibrant energy – Jakarta ticks all the boxes for being a mega metropolis. While it may not be as pretty as other corners of Indonesia, it’s a must for those who want to understand Java more. Served up alongside its endless diversity is a dazzling foodie scene, a hip coffee shop culture, and raucous nightlife best enjoyed across the collection of cool rooftop bars. Ducking down the heady streets of Chinatown is a must as is exploring the colonial history captured in Glodok and Kota.


Fondly referred to as Yogya, this cultural powerhouse part of Java is considered the soul of the place. There’s a fierce pride in the traditional culture to be found in Yogya, offering charter guests a pure experience in getting up close and personal with the language and customs. This is also the place to kickstart your journey to the UNESCO site of beautiful Borobudur and Prambanan. You can visit pottery villages and make your own Batik’s, catch puppet shows and admire the water castle and Kraton Palace.

Karimunjawa Islands

The collection of 27 islands strung out in the Java Sea are ever alluring to yacht charters seeking a picture-perfect paradise. Endless shades of blue give hints of where to drop anchor and pull out your mask and flippers. Snorkelling is at a premium here, with clownfish, gentle turtles, and even the chance to watch locals harpoon their supper. There’s a swing in the sea for mindful meditation and so many empty beaches that picking a stretch of sand for an uninterrupted lunchtime barbeque is always on the cards.

When to Charter a Yacht to Java

If you want to soak up the hot and sunny side of Java, set sail between the months of May and October when the dry season is in full swing. Between November and April you can expect downpours for hours at a time anytime of day which can make travelling around freely a challenge.

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