Luxury Yacht Rental in the Lesser Sunda Islands

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Lesser Sunda Islands

Drop anchor in Bali to surf pristine peaks and perfect your downward dog. Drop anchor in Flores for a glut of flora and fauna and to see the last dinosaurs on earth and set sail for Alor where tribal drum beats ring out into fire sparking nights – the lesser Sunda Islands is nothing short of a cultural feast. Island adventures don’t come any better than this as you charter across dreamy blue seas, flowing lava fields, and dense green mangroves studded with wildlife wonders. With temples, national parks, and iconic landscapes, the Lesser Sunda Islands is intricate beauty.

Two Komodo dragon fight with each other. Indonesia.
Ubud, Bali - July 30, 2016. Illustrative Editorial. Showing traditional Balinese male and female ceremonial clothing and religious offerings, as a mother and children walk to a Hindu temple (pura).
pura ulun danu bratan temple in Bali, indonesia.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Lesser Sunda Islands

Temples and Tribes

Bali is an endless landscape of temples with the cliff clinging Uluwatu being a must visit spot for catching sight of la crème de la crème. Tanah Lot at sunset is a photographer's dream, sitting on the edge of a sheer cliff that drops into the surging blue seas. In Alor, tribal grace is waiting at Kalabahi where the local art of Ikat weaving will keep you mesmerised.

Beach Bliss

Some of the best beaches in the world can be found in Bali and Komodo Island is also home to the blushing hues of the romantic Pink Beach. Bali also offers a beach club scene that is super deluxe and dreamily sophisticated with sleek day beds, tropical cocktails on tap, cool DJ beats, and barefoot luxury moods. Como Beach Club in Canggu and the Omnia Day Club in Uluwatu are two such elegant experiences that spring to mind.

Natural Wealth

With endless national parks and diverse landscapes, the Lesser Sunda Islands are every inch as heady as they sound. White and pink strips of sand and remote islands are just the start. In Bali you can find cascading rice terraces and bicycle worthy countryside. In Komodo you can dive pristine reefs where tropical fish and creatures congregate. Padar Island offers one of the best views of the dragon like island with its green ridges stretching endlessly into the blue sea.

Sunset at Gili Trawangan Island,Lombok, Indonesia..
Top view of 'Padar Island' in a morning from Komodo Island
Ora Beach Resort in Seram Island, Central Maluku, Indonesia

Where to Visit in Lesser Sunda Islands


The Island of the Gods needs little introduction, Bali has long been famed for being a tiny beautiful island with a lot of bite and has a side to suit every mood. The Bukit Peninsula is home to some of the best surf with world famed spots and gauzy tropical vibes. Those seeking inner healing, all things yoga, and an incredible foodie scene will adore the heart centre of Ubud. Seminyak is yachtie sophistication and pure boutique bliss and sailing for the nearby Gili Islands for sunsets and party scenes is a must.

Komodo Island

Home of dragons - the Komodo Island National Park is paradise for those who love to walk on the wild side. Woolly mammoth-like mountains come dressed in shades of green, waters are cobalt blue and the lagoons are lush for snorkelling, and the pink beaches are photo perfect. One of the biggest draws of course, is the chance to see the mega lizards known as Komodo Dragons. One glance at these creatures and you truly feel like dinosaurs roam the earth again. With 26 smaller surrounding islands, Komodo is the perfect place to island hop.


A raw scrap of land found at the very edges of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Alor is the perfect port of call for those wanting to experience the authentic far-flung culture of the Lesser Sunda Islands. There’s over a dozen languages spoken here and a whole host of different tribes. The 1000 Moko Museum is also well worth a visit to see the ancient drums and brush up on your understanding of this culturally rich corner of the sea.

When to Charter a Yacht to Lesser Sunda Islands

Two distinct seasons can be found in Bali, with the dry season ranging from April and October and the wet season working on the flipside of those months. April to June is the best time to set sail for Komodo Island thanks to its rich flush of green and calm seas.

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